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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
RelationshipsRelationshipsthe friend, the boss, the neighbour
The emergency servicesDaily lifethe public safety, the ambulance, the fire service
I wish you …..RelationshipsBest wishes! Enjoy your meal! How disgusting!
Present perfect continuousGrammarI have been eating. You have been drinking.
CampingTravelthe tent, the sleeping bag, the campsite
What day is today?Daily lifethe week, Sunday, December
QuestionsGrammarWhen, why, who…
Getting married!Relationshipsthe wedding, the wedding march, the garter
Football for expertsFree timethe signing, the forward, the victory
New Year´s EveDaily lifeNew Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day
HoroscopesAbout me Aries, the horoscope, Leo
Wild animalsHome and environmentthe bear, the giraffe, the ostrich
In the cityDaily lifethe city, the neighbourhood, the train station
The living room and the bedroomHome and environmentthe furniture, the lamp, the pillow
Past perfectGrammarHe had left, she had gone.