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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Positive feelingsAbout me Glad, confident, satisfied
Underwear and accessoriesShoppingthe thong, the nightdress, the tie
My life in a formAbout me the passport, the postcode, the marital status
At the pharmacyHealththe painkiller, the pharmacist, to swallow
Present simpleGrammarI live, I don´t live, do I live?
My worst holidays everTravelto cancel a flight, to lose your suitcase, excess baggage
Present perfectGrammarI have lived in Spain since 1999.
Musical instrumentsFree timepiano, trumpet, clarinet
How are you?About me sad, nervous, angry
Negative feelingsAbout me terrified, exhausted, lonely
SkiingFree timethe ski, the ski resort, the slopes
Nice to meet you!About me what's your name?, how are you?, good morning!
At the restaurantFood and drinkthe waiter, the menu, the bill
From Madrid to BeijingTravelLondon, Mumbai, Sydney
A bit of geographyHome and environmentthe waterfall, the island, the desert