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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
My worst holidays everTravelto cancel a flight, to lose your suitcase, excess baggage
My houseHome and environmentthe house, the flat, the building
Household choresHome and environmentto sweep the floor, to dust, to make the bed
From Madrid to BeijingTravelLondon, Mumbai, Sydney
My familyAbout me the father, the mother, the son
I don't feel wellHealththe flu, the cough, the fever
Parts of the bodyHealththe face, the eyes, the mouth
PossessivesGrammarMy father´s car
Mmmm…Food and drinkmedium-done, spicy, exquisite
Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd singularGrammarI, you, he , she
Musical instrumentsFree timepiano, trumpet, clarinet
At the hotelTravelthe reception, the bellboy, the minibar
SizeShoppingenormous, tiny, long
What day is today?Daily lifethe week, Sunday, December
What do you do in class?Daily lifeto explain, to listen, to repeat