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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
How I want to beAbout me patient, responsible, energetic
A bit of geographyHome and environmentthe waterfall, the island, the desert
Household choresHome and environmentto sweep the floor, to dust, to make the bed
Olympic GamesFree timetorch, marathon, gold medal
Musical instrumentsFree timepiano, trumpet, clarinet
Going to the cinemaFree timethe ticket office, the popcorn, the premiere
Environmental problemsHome and environmentthe earthquake, the flood, the tornado
The financial crisisRelationshipsthe financial crisis, the loan, the recession
At the officeDaily lifethe printer, the photocopier, the desk
In the kitchenHome and environmentthe refrigerator, the oven, the frying pan
The UniverseHome and environmentSpace, the universe, the Earth
Law and JusticeRelationshipsthe judge, the court, the trial
I wish you …..RelationshipsBest wishes! Enjoy your meal! How disgusting!
Personal Pronouns 1st, 2nd, 3rd PluralGrammarWe, you, they
In the gardenHome and environmentlawn, geranium, rose