The job interview

Write the dialogue for a typical job interview.

Mohamed Dali

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Mohamed Dali
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Well,,,i did't wrote a dialogue for typical job interview,cause i have my own job and i don't need to write a dialogue,,,,,BUT just for the exercise i will write a short dialogue
Interviewer: Hello ! good morning Mohamed,Please sit down
Interviewee: Good morning,Thanks
Interviewer: I heared that you want to work here in our company in the posistion of input agent
Interviewee: That's right,,i'm interested in this position,,,i have the honor to submit my application and that goal of getting a job in your company
Interviewer: Well,you should know that you must to have an experience befor you work here cause this position it's a litlle difficult and complcted as you know
Interviewee: I know that clear Mr,Mark,,for this reason i have the experience of two years in other company call,,The Gate,I think you know it ?
Interviewer: Of course i know it,it's a big company,,that's good Mohamed,,,we other questions for you for finish this application
Interviewee: sure
Interviewer: describe yourself and tell us about you
Interviewee: well, meybe i need all the day for tell you about myself
Interviewer: hahahaha,,very funny
Interviewee: All what i can tell you about myself is that i'm sure that i'm good candidate for this position cause my last wok in the ancient company prove that and this statistics show you everything ( a certificate about all my works in the last two years )
Interviewer: Why you stoped working there ?
Interviewwee: Firt,from the salary and from the full works,,i don't have too much free time
Interviewer: Does the posistion require working in a team or individualy ?
Interviewee: i don't care,i can work in the two,Individualy or in a team
Interviewer: well,thanks for your time and it was nice talking to you,,Now i must to discuss those points with my friends and we will make a decision and i will tell you the result in one week,,so be patient,hahaha
Interviewee: U are welcome Mr,Mark

Eva 38

Eva 38 (38)

Eva 38
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You spent a lot of time on it and I appreciate it. But try to be more brief. It's far too huge text for this site.