Geography 2

Describe the most amazing scene you have ever seen.

Karina Sie

Karina Sie (17)

Karina Sie
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Russian, Ukrainian
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English, French, Portuguese
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The most amazing thing I have ever seen, that was so natural it was almost unnatural, is the moon. It is everything and nothing and its just beautiful. I don't think that anyone ever takes enough time to see and feel its wonder as they should. Its the greatest thing, it ' s like theres all of this glowing magic trapped within the moon that surrounds us. Every night, no matter what happens, who is with me, I always know that the moon is there and thats enough for me. I’ll always know that if there is someone i love far away from me that if they look at the moon at the same time as i do, that were looking at the same thing and it connects us in a way thats exciting and unexplainable. Thats the magic that the moon gives us.