Household chores

What do you most hate doing in the house?

Lida Ivanova

Lida Ivanova (18)

Lida Ivanova
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Use the required form of the adjective in the following sentences.
1. The nearest future will see this part of the desert turned into a flourishing oasis . 2. That was the most clever step. 3. They got down to business without father delay. 4. This problem is as serious as the others. 5. He always chooses the easiest way. 6. It was the lasts thing I had expected of him. 7. Are there the cheapest seats available? 8. Try on both hats and see which is more becoming. 9. Which is the highest mountain in the world ? 11. Davy was more talented of the two brothers. 12. The __ light in the room grew __ (dim). 13. The eldest brother was twenty years elder than the most young. 14. This is the sunniest room in the house. 15. He was restless. He was more restless than he had ever been. 16. This walk towards them was more courageous act of Jolyon's life. 17. You and your sister have done me a service the greatest than man can do for his fellow-citizens. 18. In the furthest end of the exhibition hall we saw a group of young people.