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What is the geography of your country like? Are there any rivers? Are there any mountains?


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The indian summer benefits to the terraces.
At the Leffe café in the Terreaux, the terrace is full these last days thanks to an exceptional weather. After a mitigated summer, the thermometer which reached yesterday 26°C in Lyon, even reached records last week. “Last Thursday and Friday were the hottest days of the month and exceeded the previous record of September 19th 1934, when we came close to 28°C” indicates a forecaster of French Weather Service (Météo France).
The inhabitants of Lyon took advantage of the last sunbeams in the riverbanks of the Rhone, in the parks, and in the terraces before the return of the coldness foretold Friday. “But they work. So it is more at lunchtime and at cocktail hour that we notice the difference” indicates Pierre Robin, manager of the Leffe café. An establishment in which the turnover of September should be on the rise of 20%. But in spite of the good weather, the recovery is not going well for all the shopkeepers. The ones who have big terraces realized a good month of September. But generally the start of the new school year is gloomy. We feel a real decline, indicates Fabien Chalard, manager of the national union of the hotelkeepers, restaurant owners, café owners and caterers Rhone-Alpes. Also in the ready-to-wear shops the trend is decreasing. “This heat conduces buyers yet weakens by the crisis to put back their winter shopping.” notices George Cellerier, president of the association of the shopkeepers of the peninsula.
1. Mexican parents named their child “Yahoo” as the internet homepage according to a civil servant of the city of Mexicali (northwest).
2. Parents chose this original name because they have met each other thanks to a dating site.
3. According the same civil servant, environmentalist activists have recently called their children Arbol (Tree in Spanish language).
4. Archaeologists announced yesterday that they have discovered a 5.900-year-old multicolour woman dress in caves situated in the south of Armenia. “We will be able to establish how women during the XXXIX century BC dressed”, declared professor Pavel Avetissian, of the sciences Academic of Armenian.