Maybe the man from the first picture ate something that is outdate or he is drunk and vomitting in the closet. In the second picture, there is a man that has a stomachache. And in the last picture there is a girl that has a flu. PS: I have a sore throat now :(


and I wish you coming back to health :>


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well...i think the first picture tells us that the office-boss(!) :) has saw his secratary suicided in the back office.When he saw that the secretary had hanged herself in the middle of the office he has schocked and run through the wc to vomit.Second picture shows that the man is Chillian and he has eaten so much red hot Chillie peppers or challenged with an Urfali İsotchi and now he has diarra(!)Third pic ring my bells that she romance and fantasy.May she madly kissed in a lake in autumn his bf with...(feasable!)...