At the office

Name these office supplies and say what they can be used for.


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the first picture show a white board. With a wite board we can write and delete. He is used at school.
we can see a projector. He is project video, image on the wall. It 's very practice. He is used in conference.
After, we observe a telecopieur. we can fax images everywhere. he is practice and quilky for share informations.

The first picture show a whiteboard. With a whiteboard, we can write and erase. It is used at school. Secondly, we * see a projector. It is video projector, and the image is displayed on the wall. It 's very practical. It is used in conferences. Lastly (or thirdly), we see a fax machine. We can fax images everywhere. It is practical and can quickly * share information.

Generally inanimate objects like whiteboards don't have gender. So they are "it"

Use observe when talking about viewing activity. Observe children playing ball.

Information is an uncountable noun.

Good attempt and keep going.