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Okay this picture is my cup of tea .Actually it is a wedding ceremony that groom refused to say yes at the very last second. Now all the neighbours and guests gather to watch and also the police comes to prevent the escaping of the groom in request of the bride.Very instructive photo for young generation;D.


very nice

i would like to know your version (please).

I am not being tired to tell that your exercises are the most interesting ones that I have ever read!


really. i am glad and thank you ;D

Yes, really! You are welcome:)

i am sure you also like my movies. is not it?

just kidding. ;D

If you are George Clooney, you are good, if you are not you are even more awesome!

Don't think I am crazy! I just like people with sense of humour!

i never thought in this way and it is really kind of you.

you put me in shame;D.

thank you anyway. take care.