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Good photo. But what most impresses me the most is the little fear that these people have for sports with  such a bold risk and I also think it's wonderful to see the creation of God, as we have everything we want, as these rocks were formed so impressively(*). Millions of years had to pass for that (to happen). God has done all this for so that we can enjoy it, but not by risking your own life,,,, Thanks to everyone for helping kisses

That was excellent!

(*) I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're trying to say here. You could also be trying to say something like this: As we have everything we want, like these rocks that were formed so impressively.

Hope this helps. Saludos!


Hola Maquelot

I think this is a good photo. What impresses me the most about it, is the little amount of fear that these

people have for such high risk sports. I also think that it is wonderful to see gods creations, he provides

us with everthing that we want. These rocks look so impressive and were formed over millions of years.

God has made all this so that we can enjoy, but  not for risking our lives.

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