Eat well, be well

Are you a vegetarian? Why? Why not?

Really I not vegetarian but I eat very litle meat...I like many to eat the legumes,the vegetables,the fruits and the fish too and avobe everything oil olive...For my is important to eat The mediterranean diet........Do you now eat?

William Paul

William Paul (53)

William Paul
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I am not vegetarian, I eat very litle meat. I like to eat legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish, avobe, and  everything with oil olive...For me it is important to eat, the mediterranean diet.

Do you eat now?


Really, I am not a vegetarian, but I eat very litle meat...I like very much to eat the legumes, the vegetables,the fruits, and the fish too. and Above everything else I like oil olive...for me it is important to eat the mediterranean diet.......Do you now eat?


Tienes que ver la diferiencia entre many y much ......many es para algo que se puede contar......much para algo que no....ejemplos.....too much salt.....much love........I drink too much water,,,,I like the mediterranean diet very much.

many.....I have many clothes.........I eat many fruits........I have many friends.

Te recuerdo que pongas espacio despues de la coma.

Buen trabajo!!!!

( porque no me seleccionaste para corregirte? si no quieres no lo hago, no quiero estar de entrometida, quizas pienses que no lo hago bien, pero si no me seleccionas no lo hare mas)