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Describe your ideal in-laws. What would your perfect mother-in-law be like?


florely. (23)

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In my ideal in-laws, my mother-law is beautiful and she loves me so much, the same as my father-law and my brother-law, our family get together once month, we share wonderful moments together, sometimes we go to picnic or we have a big lunch at home, more late we play karaoke, it's so funny, and finally they ask me that I play the piano and my husband sings for me.
My mother-law and I cooking together while she tell me about how was my husband when he was a child, what did he like.., what did he scare.. and many other things. She advise me good things for my marriage to be succesful.
At same time, my father-law, my brother-law and my husband are talking about politic and our enterprise.
Some family days, each of us are in the kitchen and cooking together ^^ and sometimes my brother-law ask me advices about how win to a good girl.
all this is so beautiful ^_^