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Hi friends :-) I'm on this website since a longtime. Today, I have an exercice for the school. Can you correct me the mistakes, please?
Here is my text:
The tale of the three mice
Once upon a time, a young woman who will buy a cat and called it Adrien. This woman had need company because she lived alone in her home. The cat, from the first day in her house, saw three little mice. They used to get lunch. Seeing the cat, the mice were afraid, then they were entertained to bother Adrien. Therefore Adrien tried to catch them in several reprise but he seemed powerless. After an exhausting night, the mice decided to left the house because they were sick of being driven by the cat. In the street, the mice took the road to the south to have the heat but the destination of the three mice will be completely different. Indeed, a storm broke. They put sheltered when suddenly the water mounted. The mice, not knowing cope with this flood, were swept and fell in a sewer. This is in this moment that they lose sight. Unfortunately, the three mice don't arrive to join. The first mouse, called Gus, landed in the magical kingdom of Cinderella. The second, called Ratatouille, found himself in Paris and the third called Stuart Little landed in a wealthy family of the French capital. Physically, Gus was neither big neither thin. He was always the first to eat. He liked to amuse and that's why he didn't realize the situation. He thought that these brothers made a joke hiding. He had landed in a wood and sought Ratatouille and Stuart Little during more than half past three. It was the nightfall, Gus was across from a very beautiful castle. Frightened, He advanced and entered in the castle. In the first room, he saw a lovely girl who was making the household. He approached her. Her name is Cinderella. Cinderella, furious, tried to get out. But Gus helped her and therefore Cinderella accepted it. Regarding Ratatouille, he was lean and shy. Arriving to Paris, he was amazed seeing skyscrapers. For him, his dream became reality, everything was so magic. He remembered that the woman watched every day the emission "chief gusto". Ratatouille found the emission very interesting and already saw himself to prepare good flat its customers. Therefore, he began looking for this restaurant asking help to the mice and rats. Arrived on the scene, Ratatouille fall asleep in waiting the next day. The third brother, called Stuart Little, had more likely to find a house because he landed in the bathroom of a large home. He also began to seek his brothers without much change. Two days later, we could see that the three mice were pleased in their new life. Indeed, Gus and Cinderella well amused together, they danced, played...Moreover, the chores were done more rapidly because Gus invited the animals of the wood. That's why Cinderella asked to her family to go to the party to have the occasion of dance with the charming prince. But that woman, who was considered as a witch, refused because she wanted it to be her daughters. Cinderella cried. The animals found a solution by making a beautiful dress. Concerning Ratatouille, he explored the large kitchen of the restaurant. He had a friend who is an apprentice. He has a lot of difficulties to cook. Ratatouille wanted to help him. However, the colleagues of the apprentice surprised him and he was nearly fired. That's why, he had to find a solution. Ratatouille hided in the hat and handled the apprentice pulling his hair. At first, It was very hard, but after a few weeks, they were a very good team because all two have made outstanding efforts. The third mouse, Stuart Little, quickly adapted in the family. He played a lot with the child who had small planes, trains, and also little cars. The only problem was the cat but after a few weeks, they got along well together. The child and Stuart participated in a competition of boat and they won. Finally, the three mice lived a very good experience but their brother miss them. That’s why, a day, they left their family and went in the native home. All three had the same idea and finding themselves, they had a lot of things to talk about.
Thank you very much for reading my text and correcting. See you soon !!! :p