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Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected new pope The Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as the new pope. He becomes the first Latin American, as well as the first Jesuit leader of the Catholic Church. Around an hour after the traditional 'white smoke' emerged from the Sistine Chapel chimney, Pope Francis - as he is to be known - appeared to rapturous applause from the masses gathered in St. Peter's Square. "As you know the duty of the conclave was to give a bishop to Rome, it seems that my brother cardinals have gone and picked him up at the end of the world," he joked. The new pope asked the crowd to join him in a prayer for his predecessor Benedict XVI, now known as the emeritus Pope. Pope Francis is said to have appeal across the Catholic Church - although many will note that at 76, he is only two years younger than Benedict was when he became pope. Find us on: Youtube Facebook Twitter

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People all over the world are very interested to receive a new Pope .Now we're waiting many things from him,to organise Roman Catholic church, to agree that every Pasto must be married ,to recommend the government of all country in the world to stop homosexuality pratice .Stop warm ,the world must be quite only pray must be the first thing.