At the doctor's

Which doctor would each of these people have to go to? What tests would the doctor do? What would these people have to do to get better?

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Okay.. At the 1st picture I think that girl has some problems with headache. Or she's get bored about listerning to somebody. I don't know. She needs to take a rest.
The 2d one spends a lot of time in a front of screen. Every ophthalmologist will say him the same.
The 3d one has broked his nose. That's not good. He needs an orthinolaryngologis.
I'll tell several words about health. A lot of people complain for their health, they don't know why do they feel sick. The answer is quite easy. They live not correctly. They have a stressful work they don't like. Some of them are fat. I suppose that their lifestyle is eating candies and sitting in a front of TV of screen, watching their favorite series all day long.. This is a degradation way. Afterwards they have troubles with earing, weak muscles, which are atrophied a long ago, and their nerves are overwroughted. I think that every human in a time of illness have to ask himself what he's doing wrong? Maybe he or she should jogging, or.. change his job or something else to change his lifestyle.