The job interview

Write the dialogue for a typical job interview.


brigitteq (27)

I speak:
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Interviewer: Hello Brigitte, how are you?. Please sit down.
Interviewee: I'm very well, thank you.
Interviewer: If I'm not mistaken, you are interested in the position of consultant, is that right?
Interviewee: Yes, I'm very interested in this position in particular and the organization in general.
Interviewer: Do you have experience in the sector of human rights and humanitarian international law?
Interviewee: Yes, of course. Actually I have been directly working with communities, organizations and public institutions about social and humanitarian issues since seven years ago, approximately.
Interviewer: That's great. Tell me, What are your strong points? And your weak ones?
Interviewee: Well, I belive that my strong point are: that I'm very responsible, proactive, analitic and passioned about this job. And my weaknesses....Ummm. Well, I think I'm a perfectionist and a little impatience.