Getting married!

Maria and Robert are getting married and they are organizing the ceremony details together.

Chiucki Yuzuki

Chiucki Yuzuki (64)

Chiucki Yuzuki
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English, Italian, Chinese
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Chiucki Yuzuki: The minute I proposed to you, I knew the ceremony was going to be dream-like. We need to decide on the ceremony and the reception.
Maria: Would you like a civil or religious ceremony?
Chiucki Yuzuki: I would like a short ceremony at the city hall and a luxurious reception held in a five star hotel.
Maria: It's going to be wonderful! I will design my own wedding dress and borrow my mother's veil.
Chiucki Yuzuki: Where will we go on our honeymoon?
Maria: I would like to go sailing around the world.