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Thomas is having a job interview with the manager, for a position that he really likes.


cialdanet (38)

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English, German
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cialdanet: It is nice to meet you and I am really happy that I have been selected for this interview.
Manager: I see in your CV that you have interesting professional experience at a similar position.
cialdanet: That is correct and as I explained in my motivation letter, I want to use my training and experience to add value to your company.
Manager: I also see in your file that your old employer recommended you and speaks very highly of you.
cialdanet: I am glad to hear that and I think this position is suitable for me.
Manager: Great, so if you don't mind, I would like to have my human resources manager interview you.

correct, explained --> Re-read these words for you.

The rest is pretty good :)