Watching TV

Sarah and Peter are watching TV together.

antoni quin

antoni quin (46)

antoni quin
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antoni quin: Change the channel! I don't like reality shows. This is junk TV!
Peter: I was surfing the channels for a good film or documentary to watch. We are not watching a soap opera again!
antoni quin: Wait, leave the public channel on for a second, I want to see the weather forecast. The weather forecaster is so funny!
Peter: Just for a minute! There is a game tonight after these commercials. It is scheduled to start in 5 minutes.
antoni quin: No, you will be hooked on it! I would rather watch the quiz show.
Peter: This game is live! We can't miss it! I'm going to get some snacks. My team will win tonight.

Very good! 

I would suggest working on  the "ch" sound in english. As well as the word "rather"

Other than that I could understand you clearly