At the hairdresser's

Maria wants to change her look and she is discussing the possibilities with Marc, her hairdresser.

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nidia morales
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nidia morales: Hello Marc, today it is not just a wash and blow-dry.
Marc: Do you want to trim these lovely curls? A colour change perhaps?
nidia morales: No idea. What I want is a drastic change of look. I want a haircut and a colour change. A perm maybe?
Marc: No,dear. Perms were fashionable in the Eighties, not anymore. What about a fringe then?
nidia morales: A fringe and highlights to enhance the natural colour of my hair. What do you think?
Marc: Darling, this is exactly what I had in mind!

Very good.  Oí sin leer el texto y te entendí perfectamente bien.  Congratulations.