All that you can do with your body

Paul and Sarah are discussing what they like to do in their free time.

Heder Dyego

Heder Dyego (25)

Heder Dyego
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Sarah: In my free time, I take aerobics classes to jump and sweat a lot! I can barely stand up after.
Heder Dyego: I just prefer to lie down on the sofa and watch TV.
Sarah: You are so lazy! I can imagine you falling asleep and snoring.
Heder Dyego: I assume that after your aerobics class you swim for an hour.
Sarah: That is true! Stop making fun of me! You can barely bend down. Exercising makes you feel better.
Heder Dyego: I am too old for that amount of exercising! I prefer to chew a slice of pizza and cuddle on my sofa.