Study Abroad

Maria wants to study abroad and Paul, the information desk clerk, is helping her by answering her questions.


noemiriohigelmo (33)

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English, German
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noemiriohigelmo: When is the right time to enroll in a language program? What documents do I need?
Paul: Well you need to apply now. There are a lot of admission requirements. You will also need to look for accommodation.
noemiriohigelmo: Where can I apply for accommodation? Are there halls of residence?
Paul: There are halls of residence but there is a deadline. There is also the option of a host family.
noemiriohigelmo: Good, I will start today. Tell me- how intensive is the course?
Paul: Not so much, don't worry about that. You might feel a bit homesick, but you will party a lot and have a great time.