What I do every day

Anna asks Paul about his daily routine.


summer-50 (55)

I speak:
English, Gujarati
I learn:
Busuu berries :

Anna: What time do you usually get up?
summer-50: I get up at 6:30 every day. I have a shower and I have breakfast before going to work.
Anna: What time do you leave your house?
summer-50: At 7:30. I work until 6:00 and after work I exercise before going home.
Anna: Really? After work I just have dinner and go to bed at 10:00!
summer-50: I have a class at 10:00!


mickbea (16)

I speak:
I learn:
Busuu berries :

well that's alot! to do well this is my day:

Mickbea: So tierd

Rose: what's wrong with you?

Mick: Well got up too early

Rose: Why

Mick: well it's just too early for me!

Rose: what time do you usally wake up?

Mick: 6:45

Rose: and today?

Mick: 4:00

Rose: What! Why?

Mick: well that's how I am I just wake up in the middle of the night andcant fall asleep again

Rose: Omg well I'm no that way

Mick: What should I do?

Please help me I get in trouble at work please help me