For sale. To rent.

Mark is not sure whether to rent or to buy a flat. He wants Claudia's opinion.

Mark: There is a new flat I like, but I am not sure whether to buy or rent. What do you think?
: Does it have good transport connections? Is it spacious?
Mark: It is located in the center, in a historical building. It is very charming and is completely furnished.
: Is the landlord interested in renting or selling? And what about the community expenses?
Mark: He is flexible and the expenses are affordable. It is a cozy flat.
: Let me see the flat before you sign a contract. Call the real estate agent to get the keys.



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Excellent work!

The biggest suggestion I would be to watch the pitch of your voice and compare it to the model Englsh speakers.

Specifically the pitch of your voice went up during both the word "renting" and "selling", which makes it sound like two separate questions--as if you asked whether the landlord wanted to rent, then as an afterthought asked whether he was interested in selling. If you assume the landlord wants to do one or the other (perhaps because he has advertised the flat) and you want to ask which kind of transaction he wants, you would do it a little differently.

In the American version of English that I know, I would raise the pitch of my voice slightly while saying the word "renting", then let it drop while saying the word "selling".

Your words all come through very clearly and I was able to understand your work easily. Keep it up! 

Gracias por tu explicación. Como siempre excelente.