Save Busuu

Busuu is a language spoken by only 8 people in the entire world. To avoid its extinction, we decided to travel to a remote village in Cameroon to ask its speakers to create a video that will encourage everyone to learn Busuu. You can even learn Busuu with our special Busuu course. If you find yourself meeting one of the 8 Busuu natives, you are well prepared to converse with them! Check out our videos!

The Busuu Song!

This is the Busuu Song, made by the Busuu people with to share their unique language. You will find out how Busuu can help you to fish, nail your big presentation at work and also how to flirt!

A message from Onko

"Onko says: “Today I am here to tell you that you are the most beautiful animal of the jungle.” Now that’s a great chat-up line! Learn some Busuu today and learn to flirt as well as Onko."

A Busuu joke from Maimuna

"Here’s a traditional Busuu joke from Maimuna: “What do you have to give to an elephant with diarrhoea?” - “Space! LOTS of space!"" To learn how to be as funny as Maimuna and tell jokes in Busuu, check out the special Busuu course on"

Get the party started with Ning

"When you visit the Busuu people, there’s going to be a big celebration. You’re going to need to learn some key phrases. Listen to Ning and learn how to say: “Pack up your stuff! Stop working! Tonight we are going to have a crazy party!”"

Learn to flirt with Beatrice

"When you’re at a Busuu party and you meet that special person, you are going to need some good chat-up lines. Listen to Beatrice and learn how to say: “Even if you have this stupid face, I don’t care… I like you a lot!” If that doesn’t work, nothing will."

A message from Kasara

If you don’t want to know the secret ending of the Busuu story, definitely don’t watch this final message from Kasara. It might take you by surprise...