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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
The shopping listShoppingthe water, the rice, the chicken
Cooking at homeFood and drinkthe recipe, to peel, to fry
Planning a tripTravelholidays, travelling by train, going to the beach
Eat well, be wellFood and drinkThe vegetarian, the diet , the vegan
Faith and ReligionRelationshipsthe worship, the symbol, the sacred text
Underwear and accessoriesShoppingthe thong, the nightdress, the tie
Beach holidaysTravelthe sea, the swimming trunks, the hammock
Travelling by planeTravelto check in, to board, to land
Artistic stylesFree timeIslamic, gothic, renaissance
to knowGrammarI know, I don´t know
Election dayRelationshipsthe opposition, the political meeting, the ballot paper
Express yourselfRelationshipsto admit, to disagree, to regret
The emergency servicesDaily lifethe public safety, the ambulance, the fire service
To be or not to beAbout me the woman, the man, the boy