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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
What are you doing?Free timeto go to the cinema, to watch television, to have a date
Demonstrative adjectivesGrammarThis, that, these and those
Negative feelingsAbout me terrified, exhausted, lonely
There is/are GrammarThere is some…
In the supermarketShoppingthe trolley, the aisle, the till
Countable and uncountableGrammarHow much/how many?
At the officeDaily lifethe printer, the photocopier, the desk
Conditionals 1GrammarIf he goes…He will buy
Musical instrumentsFree timepiano, trumpet, clarinet
Some anatomyHealthbone, heart, rib
Possessive pronounsGrammarMine, yours, his, hers…
The financial crisisRelationshipsthe financial crisis, the loan, the recession
to knowGrammarI know, I don´t know
The job interviewDaily lifethe interviewer, to be motivated, leadership qualities
SkiingFree timethe ski, the ski resort, the slopes