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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
The shopping listShoppingthe water, the rice, the chicken
Having breakfastFood and drinkthe orange juice, the white coffee, the toast
At the dentistHealththe dentist, the drill, the toothache
PossessivesGrammarMy father´s car
VegetablesFood and drinkthe potato, the tomato, the pepper
A day of classDaily lifethe enrollment, the course, the subject
All that you can do with your bodyHealthto snore, to sweat, to yawn
Going by carTravelthe breathalyser test, to fill the tank, to overtake.
Conditionals 1GrammarIf he goes…He will buy
Make yourself beautifulHealththe makeup, the mascara, the manicure
Present continuousGrammarI am walking, you are singing…
Beach holidaysTravelthe sea, the swimming trunks, the hammock
The job interviewDaily lifethe interviewer, to be motivated, leadership qualities
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
At the bankDaily lifethe lodgement, the withdrawal, the loan.