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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Buying clothesShoppingthe trousers, the shirt, the shoes
Make yourself beautifulHealththe makeup, the mascara, the manicure
Possessive pronounsGrammarMine, yours, his, hers…
ColoursShoppingblack, pink, navy blue
The first dateRelationshipsthe blind date, to be crazy about someone, to have bad breath
The verb to beGrammarI am, you are, he/she is, we/you/they are
ParentingHealththe dummy, the pushchair, the bib
Relative pronounsGrammarthat, which, who, where
How I want to beAbout me patient, responsible, energetic
Travelling by planeTravelto check in, to board, to land
Crazy about footballFree timethe competition, the coach, the bench
Football for expertsFree timethe signing, the forward, the victory
New Year´s EveDaily lifeNew Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day
To haveGrammarI have, you have, he has..
Wild animalsHome and environmentthe bear, the giraffe, the ostrich