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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
At the hairdresser'sDaily lifethe hairdresser, the dye, the trim
I don't feel wellHealththe flu, the cough, the fever
ColoursShoppingblack, pink, navy blue
What I do every dayDaily lifeto wash your face, to have a coffee, to have dinner
At the travel agencyTravelthe brochure, the organised trip, the rural tourism
Parts of the bodyHealththe face, the eyes, the mouth
Eat well, be wellFood and drinkThe vegetarian, the diet , the vegan
Past simple "to have"GrammarI had, you had…
HalloweenDaily lifeHalloween, the pumpkin, the witch
Household choresHome and environmentto sweep the floor, to dust, to make the bed
The pressFree timethe newspaper, the magazine, the headline
Active and Passive (present)GrammarThey build houses, houses are built…
VegetablesFood and drinkthe potato, the tomato, the pepper
For sale. To rent.Home and environmentthe construction company, the estate agency, the tenant
Negative feelingsAbout me terrified, exhausted, lonely