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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Valentine´s DayDaily lifethe rose, love, the heart
Are you searching for a job?Daily lifeunemployment, the headhunter, the job offer
Getting married!Relationshipsthe wedding, the wedding march, the garter
Conditionals 3GrammarIf I had gone..I would have eaten…
I don't feel wellHealththe flu, the cough, the fever
The first dateRelationshipsthe blind date, to be crazy about someone, to have bad breath
Positive feelingsAbout me Glad, confident, satisfied
In the bathroomHome and environmentthe bath, the basin, the toilet
Present simpleGrammarI live, I don´t live, do I live?
Artistic stylesFree timeIslamic, gothic, renaissance
What day is today?Daily lifethe week, Sunday, December
At the barFood and drinkthe bar, the bar, the drink
SeafoodFood and drinkthe anchovy, the cod, the crab
Wild animalsHome and environmentthe bear, the giraffe, the ostrich
My life in a formAbout me the passport, the postcode, the marital status