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Why is busuu the perfect app for learning French online?

busuu app will help learn French: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
  • Review & Repetition. Use our handy review lessons to test if you've understood the most important French vocabulary and grammar points of the previous lessons. That's how you learn French efficiently. If you're unsure about any of the content of the review lesson, you can go back and review it again.
  • Offline Mode. With our app you can learn a language anywhere, even without an internet connection. Download the lessons in advance and use the Offline Mode to study in your free time - busuu’s apps are available on Android and iOS.
  • Get corrections from French native speakers. Complete the Conversations exercise at the end of each lesson and receive feedback from native speakers. You can choose between writing or speaking to complete the exercise depending on your language-learning needs.

Your personal online French teacher

Eloy, busuu’s French Language Expert, talks about vowel and consonant sounds in French and teaches you the correct French pronunciation.

Try to pronounce the following French words with Eloy and improve your French accent:

  • le pain
  • un pantalon
  • rien

How to overcome difficulties in learning French online?

learn French online when you have time

Use your time wisely - make a plan

We recommend you study for just 10 minutes regularly every day to achieve the best results. That way you don’t have to make time for language learning in your schedule - you can fit it in anytime you have a few spare minutes.

don't spend lots of money on learning French online

Don’t spend too much money

One month of online education costs less than a cinema ticket. Studying at traditional schools or with private tutors on the other hand can cost the same as a trip to a foreign country.

personalized online French lessons

Personalise your lessons

Whether you’re learning a new language for business, travel or just to immerse yourself into a new culture, our French course is designed to help you learn based on your preferences and interests.

learn French online with French music and video

Learn with music and films

French music to inspire your learning

  • Edith Piaf - master your conditionals and negative sentence structure with the soulful songs by the world famous French singer.
  • Céline Dion - improve your French with songs by the French Canadian Titanic superstar who sang “My heart will go on”.

Famous French movies to experience the culture

  • Les intouchables - laugh and cry with this moving story about the unlikely friendship between a young working class man and a quadriplegic aristocrat.
  • Du vent dans mes mollets - your window into the life of a typical French family.

Full Language Courses

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22 hours of busuu Premium = 1 college semester of language study

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