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  • Reviews & Repetition - test your memory of the important vocabulary and grammar points from the previous lessons. See if you’ve mastered the lesson content or if you need to go back and review again.

  • Offline mode - learn a language anytime, even without an Internet connection. Download the lessons in advance and make the most of your free time.

  • Get corrections from native speakers - complete the exercises after each lesson and receive feedback from native speakers. You can also help others to learn your native language. Let’s get going!

Tips on learning French online

Eloy, busuu’s French Language Expert, talks about vowel and consonant sounds in French

Try to pronounce the next words:

  • le pain
  • un pantalon
  • rien

Learn with music and films

  • Edith Piaf - master your conditionals and negative sentence structures with the world famous French singer.
  • Céline Dion - soothing songs for the weekends from the Titanic superstar who sang “My heart will go on”.
  • Stromae - French rap from "maestro" (that's what Stromae means in French slang).

  • Les intouchables - laugh and cry with this hilarious story about a young man and quadriplegic aristocrat.
  • Du vent dans mes mollets - "live" with a real French family. Learn as much as possible from everyday situations!
  • Jean de Florette - learn regional variations of the French language: vocabulary + accent.

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