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Most of us wonder if it's even possible to learn languages online while being able to understand and express our thoughts fluently.

We'll prove this is possible, just check out our article!

busuu language courses give you

learn languages with busuu
  • 12 different language courses, including European and Asian languages. Study as many as you want.
  • Up to 75 bite-sized lessons in each language to help you memorise different vocabulary and learn a variety of topics.
  • 70 million people in our community. Native speakers from all around the world for you to communicate with.
  • More than 10 additional features to help you learn a language more efficiently
  • An official certificate from McGraw-Hill when you complete a level in English, Spanish, French or German.

Skills you could develop with busuu

Skills Description
Listening Native speaker audios for all key words and dialogues
Reading Words and phrases recognition, dialogue transcripts, writing exercise correction;
Speaking Voice recognition, speech recognition, dialogue activities;
Writing Typing and spelling exercises, word choice exercises, writing exercises.

Learn anytime, anywhere. Even offline

Take busuu with you and make use of any spare moments to get learning - queuing for coffee, waiting for a friend...Even in the tube, without internet - you can download your lessons for offline use!

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