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Is your child about to start learning English?

According to research, children learn foreign languages more easily.They don’t need to constantly repeat the same words and expressions to store them into their long-term memory—they remember them immediately from the first time they see them. Children from 2 to 7 years old are considered to have the best memory, which allows them to easily memorise a new language.

So, what are the best methods and the most effective practices to make a child become a polyglot?

Why is busuu the best tool to learn languages with a child?

  • Flash cards - learning words has never been easier. All cards are supported by audio recordings and pictures to memorise them faster and easily associate them with a mental image;

  • Exercises for writing and speaking - these will help your kid to learn the right pronunciation and get rid of any accent. Moreover, he will learn how to write and speak much faster in different languages;

  • Mobile app - by downloading it on your phone or tablet, your child could learn a language at any time–on the way to the kindergarten or school.

5 rules you need to follow while learning a language with a kid

Rule Description
1. Don’t make huge pauses in language learning. You need to study with your kid every day. If you take a break for a few weeks or months, you will probably need to start from the beginning again.
2. Don’t make your child learn words he doesn’t know in his native language. See what is surrounding your kid – furniture, nature, food – and learn those words.
3. While learning English, don’t forget about your child's native language and let it be your primary focus.
4. If you want to speak English with your kid, make sure that only one of the parents speaks in a foreign language. Otherwise, your kid will be confused on which language to speak and where.
5. Always keep in mind what your kid is really interested in. If he likes to learn poems – learn them with him. You could discover new talents while learning languages.