Learning a language can decrease the risk of dementia

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Research from the University of Edinburgh shows that the process of learning a language can delay cognitive decline by 4.5 years. This effect is observed even in people who are illiterate and in people with just a basic knowledge of their second language. Therefore, it is not caused by the general level of education but by the process of switching to a different mental framework and way of thinking. Also, you don’t need to be fluent, your brain will benefit enormously if you just learn the basics of a new language.

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How can you learn a language?

busuu features
  • At busuu, you can learn a new language in just 10 minutes a day in a simple and interactive way.
  • Social interaction is the best way. With busuu, you can interact with native speakers and get feedback on your spoken and written language.
  • You can strengthen your vocabulary with busuu’s Vocabulary Trainer and chat with native speakers in the busuu community!
  • Prefer speaking? With “Conversations” you can record yourself and send it to busuu’s community to get feedback on your pronunciation from native speakers.
  • Stay motivated. Language learning has so many positive effects even if you are not fluent in your new language. Be patient with yourself and keep studying every day.

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