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Meet Anne

Why are you learning a language?
To get closer to my familial roots and make my stay abroad possible.

What keeps you motivated?
With a language tandem partner who lives in the country and a French language meetup.

Are there any techniques you use to keep yourself on track that you'd like to share with other
language learners?

It helps to reward yourself for small successes, you can't always be motivated of course, but even completing small units help you succeed. My language tandem partner helps me a lot, I learn without studying just because we're talking or chatting on WhatsApp - I try to express myself well, so I automatically want to learn more.

What do you enjoy most about learning a language on Busuu?
Instant corrections of Busuu exercises by other members of the community, so you get immediate feedback and know what your weaknesses are and what you can already do quite well.

How would you describe Busuu in one sentence?
Busuu is the language learning assistant of the future. Fast, direct and personal. If you need a bit longer to understand a lesson you can just go back and do it again without having to worry about missing something and having to catch up. The community is like the biggest - yet most helpful - classroom in the world.

What has studying on Busuu helped you to do in the real world?
Because of Busuu I was able to start at a higher level at university, without having to start with the beginner's course, which has saved me a lot of time.