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Meet Heinz

Why are you learning a foreign language?
So that I can work on a project in Cape Verde.

How do you stay motivated?
Busuu is extremely motivating.

Do you have tips and tricks to keep you in the ball and share with other Busuu members?
I drink a glass of sparkling apple juice and schedule an hour for studying every day.

What do you enjoy most about learning a language on Busuu?
The units are just the right length - and the Pling when you succeed!

How would you describe Busuu in just one sentence?
I enjoy the clarity and the competent tips. The graphic design is very appealing. The lessons are well organised and take different circumstances into account. The repetition can be a bit demanding but very helpful.

How did language learning with Busuu help you in your job or private life so far?
It's my first language course and I feel the joy of success.

Did you have interesting, educational or entertaining conversations with Busuu or maybe even met someone from Busuu personally?
The feedback is always very encouraging.