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Meet Veit

Why are you learning a foreign language?
I've always been interested because Italy is my favourite holiday destination. At the moment I'm in rehabilitation after suffering a stroke, so I have enough time and it has a positive therapeutic effect.

How do you stay motivated?
I need this kind of mental challenge as part of my therapy. That motivates me a lot!

Do you have tips and tricks to keep you in the ball and share with other Busuu members?
I use recipes in Italian to challenge myself.

What do you enjoy most about language learning with Busuu?
The option to just do a quick lesson. Whenever and wherever I want…

How would you describe Busuu in just one sentence?
You can study with Busuu anytime and anywhere, so you can study casually yet efficiently.

How did language learning with Busuu help you in your job or private life so far?
In conversation with my Italian friends and when I use Italian recipes.