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Meet Veronika

Why are you learning a language?
To get a better life and for the new opportunities that are already waiting for me :)

Are there any techniques you use to keep yourself on track that you'd like to share with other language learners?
The first step for a good start is determination. The last step to reach the goal is to have and want to have fun. It doesn't matter how long it takes, we have enough time :)

What do you enjoy most about learning a language on Busuu?
Learning a language is great fun in itself. The fruit we earn doesn't just motivate me, it makes me feel healthier, too ;)

How would you describe Busuu in one sentence?
"Wer mit Busuu lernt
and has fun as well,
kann dir nur sagen: 'Nur so weiter!'"

You didn´t join us yet?
Worüber denkst du noch nach? Mach das schnell!
We all are waiting for you,
lass uns nicht mehr lange warten, komm und lern mit Busuu!

Muchas gracias a todas las personas que trabajan para Busuu :)"