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Qualified online English tutors, interactive groups – now that’s how you speak better English.

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At Busuu, we don’t just offer you the best way to learn English: more importantly, we offer you the best way to speak it.

Busuu’s Live Group Lessons + online courses = the key to speaking better English

We know from experience that a mix of interactive group tutoring and solo study is how you’ll learn to speak English with confidence.

That’s why we offer you both – in one, neat package! Try it out for yourself – sign up for our 7-day free trial.

For 7 days, you’ll get free access to:

  • Unlimited English Live Group Lessons, led by highly qualified English teachers
  • Our award-winning English course content on Busuu Premium

Whether you’re looking for online English classes for adults or online English grammar lessons to complement your studies, we’ve got the classes and course content to suit you.

Get started by working on your spoken English with Live Group Lessons. Then, reinforce everything you’ve learned in your downtime with Busuu’s award-winning English course content.

After that, the trick is keeping it up! The more you split your time between learning at your own pace and learning with others (group English language lessons online), the more natural your conversational English will become.

Online English classes for real-life conversations

Speak English with confidence, thanks to Busuu's Live Group English Lessons

Speak English with confidence

Get support and encouragement from qualified English tutors in every online class.

Learn English faster together with Busuu

Learn faster together

Practise your spoken English skills remotely with intimate classes of up to 5 students.

Choose English class topics that appeal to you

Choose class topics that appeal to you

A full timetable of classes means you can book by English lesson topic, or find your favourite English teacher.

Your most important questions, answered

What exactly are English Live Group Lessons?

English Live Group Lessons are interactive, online 45-minute classes. Up to 5 learners can join, and they’re led by one of Busuu’s expert English teachers. By the end of each lesson, you’ll have learned something new – and be a bit closer to reaching your language goals.

What are the benefits of taking these online English classes with Busuu?

There are too many to count! First off, you learn a language to speak it, right? We design our English group lesson content to make sure you spend as much time practising your speaking skills as possible, with plenty of guidance from one of our vetted, online English teachers.

We also know it can be daunting to speak English out loud for the first time – but that’s exactly why practising with other learners at your level is so beneficial! Small, intimate groups means you’ll learn from each other’s mistakes, laugh together and progress faster.

Do I know enough English to attend? Will I find these online English classes hard?

Even if you’ve only just started learning English, you know enough. Turning up to an English class online can feel like a big step – but we know you’re ready!

We have different English classes to cater to different levels – at the moment, we have lesson content available for A1, A2, B1 and B2 learners – in other words, for beginner, elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate learners.

How much are Busuu’s online English classes?

It’s important to us that you experience the value of our English Live Group Lessons before committing – that’s why we’re offering you a 7-day free trial! During that period, you can take as many group English classes as you’d like, plus get access to our award-winning English course content on Busuu Premium. Once you’ve had a taste and want more, you can choose a lesson package that suits your needs.

How do I book and join a Busuu Live Group Lesson?

Once you have registered for your free trial, you will be able to book any lesson that has space available. When it’s time to take your online English group lesson, go to “My Lessons” to join. We recommend arriving 5 minutes before it begins.

Will I need to do any prep for my English lesson?

You don’t need to do anything before your lesson. Just find a quiet spot, relax and enjoy the experience! And for those of you who like to feel extra prepared, we’ve got you covered. The lesson content is available to download at any time.

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