Empowering communication through language learning

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Why language learning?

Learning English, Spanish or other languages can help global companies and international teams:

  • Increase employee engagement and confidence
  • Foster cross-border communication and collaboration between teams and offices
  • Reduce conflict and bias in the workplace through better mutual understanding

To provide language learning for your business, we equip you with busuu Premium membership for your employees and busuu PRO management platform for managers to organise teams and track progress.

busuu pro

Why busuu?

busuu is the award winning language learning app with 60 million users worldwide. We provide high quality language courses created by our team of language learning experts and a social network to practice with native speakers. Watch the video with CEO & co-founder Bernhard Niesner to understand how busuu works.

  • Premium language course for your employees
  • Available for web and mobile

  • Learning anytime and anywhere
 with offline mode
  • Official level certification by McGraw-Hill Education
  • Management platform to track progress
  • Easy to setup and ready within minutes

These companies are already learning languages with busuu

Media Markt
Société Générale

What our clients say about busuu

Tom Elvidge, General Manager for Uber London

"Many drivers who use the Uber app don't have English as their first language but find that their English rapidly improves when they talk to passengers. By teaming up with an innovative app like busuu we can help drivers feel more comfortable when interacting in a second language with riders.”

Krzysztof Walczuk, Uber Partner Driver

“The app is great! It’s good fun and I really like it. It has helped me to improve my English and how I communicate with riders. I use it between trips when it’s quiet, or at home when I have some time to myself. What’s great is that you don’t need anything, you just go to the app and it’s all there for you. You can fit it around your own schedule and learn when you want to.”