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At Busuu, we believe that language training is one of the smartest business decisions you can make - both for employees and for the good of your company.

Our customers love Busuu for Business because our easy and flexible mobile-first solution enables them to achieve their language learning goals. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are examples of what our customers have to say:

“In my opinion, the best thing about Busuu is its methodology. We wanted to leave the classical e-learning training courses and have something more accessible, agile and usable, and of course, fun, and with Busuu we have achieved this.” - Marta Pereira, Head of E-Learning and Content, Palladium Hotel Group

Enhance customer experience and loyalty

60% of customers expect service in their native language, according to a study by the International Customer Management Institute. And companies offering multilingual support instantly reap the benefits, increasing positive customer feedback and returning customers by 58%.

"Many drivers who use the Uber app don't have English as their first language but find that their English rapidly improves when they talk to passengers. By teaming up with an innovative app like Busuu, we can help drivers feel more comfortable when interacting in a second language with riders.” - Tom Elvidge, General Manager for Uber London

Boost employee mobility

When markets are global talent mobility is not limited to particular sectors or functions. Language skills are a key enabler to employee mobility, helping staff make the most of their international assignments.

Benefits of Busuu for Business

Busuu app
  • Unlimited access to courses in 12 languages
  • Perfect for early stage learners to develop fast fluency
  • Suitable for all areas of hospitality - from restaurant to housekeeping
  • Scalable to a large number of employees with competitive prices

Improve communication across the board

Whether it’s to break down barriers between international offices or to help staff communicate with overseas customers, language training is one of the most powerful weapons in an organisation’s arsenal. And there’s a wide range of evidence out there that suggests multilingualism helps boost other skill sets - from making better financial decisions to being better at multitasking.

“As an international packaging and paper group we have always been interested in leveraging our employee’s language skills to improve internal and external communication and boost our staff’s mobility. With Busuu, we have found a modern and fun way to do this – the app is widely used in Mondi and people love learning languages with it!” - Birgit Hoettl, Head of The Mondi Academy, Mondi Group

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