How Palladium achieved the five-star guest experience

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With Busuu, Palladium has improved the language and communication skills of their staff, helping them “turn guests into fans”.


Palladium Hotel Group is a luxury Spanish hotel chain with an international presence, with 45 hotels in six different countries between Europe and America, operating under 10 different brands.


For Palladium, language skills are crucial to the hotel providing a five-star experience. They wanted to ensure that all of their hotel staff, from waiters and front desk clerks to housekeeping and maintenance officers, felt confident when communicating with international guests.

“We want our guests to feel at home, or even better. So for us, eliminating any language barriers that could arise between our staff and our guests was key.” - Marta Pereira, Head of E-Learning and Content, Palladium Hotel Group


Palladium started using Busuu for Business in 2017 for staff across their Europe and America locations. Since then, Palladium employees have used Busuu to improve their skills in English, and other languages.

“We chose Busuu because we needed an agile, simple language learning solution for our employees. Our staff love how easy and flexible it is to use, and how they can interact with native speakers through the app. Busuu’s innovative methodology allows our staff to learn in a way that best suits them.” - Marta Pereira, Head of E-Learning and Content, Palladium Hotel Group

Initial success:

  • In an initial survey, 98 percent of Palladium staff using Busuu said it had helped them overcome day-to-day language challenges they experience in the workplace.
  • Palladium staff rated their experience with Busuu 4.6/5.
  • Palladium staff have obtained level completion certificates in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese from levels A1 to B2.

“Busuu will continue to help us to fulfill our mission of turning ‘guests into fans’. Not only externally, but also internally, making sure our staff also become fans of the company for providing them with the opportunity to improve their language learning skills.” - Marta Pereira, Head of E-Learning and Content, Palladium Hotel Group

Benefits of Busuu for Business

Busuu app
  • Unlimited access to courses in 12 languages
  • Perfect for early stage learners to develop fast fluency
  • Suitable for all areas of hospitality - from restaurant to housekeeping
  • Scalable to a large number of employees with competitive prices