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In an increasingly global world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming an imperative for the successful growth of any business. Lack of language skills can cause misunderstanding and conflict between international teams, suppliers and clients; impacting the bottom line. Developing an organisation-wide language learning strategy is key to breaking down communication barriers and building a truly global and collaborative organisation. Companies of all sizes benefit from strong language and communication skills.

Why smart companies invest in language learning:

  • Improved overall performance, including employee productivity, communication and customer service;
  • Increased export sales as you and your customers communicate more effectively;
  • Stronger cross-border communication and collaboration between teams and offices;
  • Reduced conflict and bias internally and externally as mutual understanding grows;
  • Employees feel valued and gain a great sense of achievement.

What we offer

  • Award-Winning Content

    Lessons created by in-house experts, with advanced grammar units and Vocabulary Trainer.

  • Anywhere, Anytime

    Flexible adoption with access on web and mobile, plus Offline Mode in the mobile app.

  • Network of Native Speakers

    Increased spoken and written fluency by practising with native speakers.

  • Official Certificates

    Official McGraw-Hill language certificates after each level.

  • Management Platform

    Manage employee onboarding and track progress.

  • Tailored Content

    Created to target specific learning needs in your company.

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What our clients say about busuu

Tom Elvidge, General Manager for Uber London

"Many drivers who use the Uber app don't have English as their first language but find that their English rapidly improves when they talk to passengers. By teaming up with an innovative app like busuu, we can help drivers feel more comfortable when interacting in a second language with riders.”

Krzysztof Walczuk, Uber Partner Driver

“The app is great! It’s good fun and I really like it. It has helped me to improve my English and how I communicate with riders. I use it between trips when it’s quiet, or at home when I have some time to myself. What’s great is that you don't need anything, you just go to the app and it’s all there for you. You can fit it around your own schedule and learn when you want to.”

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