Award-winning language learning that works, with busuu Premium

  • Grammar units

    Learn to build sentences with advanced grammar units

  • Official certificates

    Take level tests and earn official McGraw-Hill level completion certificates

  • Vocabulary trainer

    Make sure you never forget the words you've learned

  • Learn 12 languages

    Get full access to 12 different language courses

  • Offline mode

    Download all lessons for unlimited use, anywhere, anytime


Overview of features

busuu’s language courses are structured in a comprehensive way and offer a variety of features to help students learn faster. The busuu PRO platform provides a toolkit for teachers and admins to track progress of language learning in the organisation. Find the most important features of language learning with busuu explained here.

Official language certification

In partnership with McGraw-Hill Education busuu offers official language certificates for English, Spanish, French and German. The tests measure how well students understand the core topics in A1, A2, B1 or B2, the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). If successfully passed, the student will receive an official level certificate awarded by McGraw-Hill Education.

busuu pro

Progress tracking & reporting

With the management platform busuu PRO, you can create classrooms, add instructors and students and track their progress. Appoint an admin for your organisation and organise language learning the way it suits your needs. You can tie progress to your curriculum or to employees’ targets. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded as CSV.

Bespoke content for enterprise clients

We create language courses tailored to your organisational needs. Taxi drivers who work for Uber learn useful phrases to communicate with riders. Shop assistants at Zara improve their conversation skills with a client in store. Talk to us about your organisation’s needs.


All busuu features at a glance

Features What it does
Flashcards Build your vocabulary and memorise by practicing listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Vocabulary trainer Strengthen your vocabulary or test favourites with 25 exercises.
Conversations Complete a conversation exercise via writing or speaking and send it off to the community. You will get feedback from a native speaker.
Offline mode Use the app without an Internet connection.
Grammar Grammar tips in each lesson.
Official certificates Official McGraw-Hill language certificate at the end of each level. Certificates are available for English, Spanish, French and German.
Quizzes Test your knowledge in each lesson.
Travel course Vocabulary and phrases to take on holiday.
Bespoke content Content tailored to your organisation.
busuu PRO Management platform to create classrooms, manage instructors and students and track progress.