Meet the busuu education team

Who we are

busuu course are designed by a team of language experts with backgrounds in linguistics, translation and language teaching. All our course designers are keen language learners who understand the challenges of learning a new language. Some of the languages we speak include: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Galician, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, and Mandarin.

How we design lessons

We work with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to choose the right language to teach at the right level. Our vocabulary and grammar units are designed to show you new language in context and give you useful tips on how to use it, before testing your memory of what you have learned and then challenging you to reproduce it through a variety of interactive exercises. All our audio is recorded by real native speakers of each language, includes a variety of different accents and allows you to listen at a natural pace or to slow down the audio and listen to individual words. We generally include short dialogues in our vocabulary units, so you can practice listening to and reading natural language. Our voice recording and voice recognition exercises help you work on your pronunciation and speaking skills, and our writing exercises challenge you to be creative with the new vocabulary and grammar. Our helpful native speaker community will give you useful feedback on your writing and voice recording exercises.

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