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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Going to the cinemaFree timethe ticket office, the popcorn, the premiere
Past perfect continuousGrammarI had been listening.
What time is it?Daily lifeon the dot, half past, a quarter to
From Madrid to BeijingTravelLondon, Mumbai, Sydney
Being pregnantHealththe fertilisation, the craving, the scan
PetsHome and environmentthe puppy, the bird, the chameleon
How I want to beAbout me patient, responsible, energetic
Demonstrative adjectivesGrammarThis, that, these and those
Travelling by trainTravelthe train ticket, to arrive, the platform
Past perfectGrammarHe had left, she had gone.
Eat well, be wellFood and drinkThe vegetarian, the diet , the vegan
Modal verbsGrammarShould/can/could/may
A day of classDaily lifethe enrollment, the course, the subject
Conditionals 1GrammarIf he goes…He will buy
ColoursShoppingblack, pink, navy blue