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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
In the gardenHome and environmentlawn, geranium, rose
Present continuousGrammarI am walking, you are singing…
VegetablesFood and drinkthe potato, the tomato, the pepper
FashionShoppingthe fashion show, the fabric, the print
The pressFree timethe newspaper, the magazine, the headline
Mmmm…Food and drinkmedium-done, spicy, exquisite
Positive feelingsAbout me Glad, confident, satisfied
The emergency servicesDaily lifethe public safety, the ambulance, the fire service
AmericaAbout me Canada, Cuba, Argentinian
Buying clothesShoppingthe trousers, the shirt, the shoes
Travelling by planeTravelto check in, to board, to land
Adventure sportsFree timehiking, snowboarding, canoeing
Present perfectGrammarI have lived in Spain since 1999.
Present perfect continuousGrammarI have been eating. You have been drinking.
At the pharmacyHealththe painkiller, the pharmacist, to swallow