Do you know what are anti age foods? Speaks of such foods


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i dont know about anti age foods. :(

    The Anti-age food is the group of food that contains anti-oxidants like vitamines (C and E) , mostly these vitamines are present in vegetables and fruits.especially green vegetables such as lettuce , green peper, parsley, brocoli, ,,, contain vitamine C.

     Also many fruits like citrus fruits ( lemon , orange , grape fruite,...), kiwi. also many fruits contain vit E like grapes, strawberry ,apple,....

   For more information, anti-oxidants are group of vitamines and minerals found in vegetables and dears friends in this group ,i think i have an idea about the subject:

fruits which aid in protecting our cells from being oxidized by free radicals ( positively charged particles) formed in our body due to the metabolism of harmful food we normally ingest like preservatives, smoking, fried oils,.... colorants, beverages....

    These free radicals causes injury to our cells leading to decrease in immunity where we start to feel fatigue till we reach cancer in most of the cases if we insist on our food habit containing them.

     Anti-oxidants neutralizes these free radicals the usually carry positive charges and this leads to the prevention of cells from injury.

i hope that you find these information helpfull.

Information really helpful, thank you!))