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 The United States of America


13 British colonies in America broke with the British Empire in 1776 and were recognized like a new nation: the United States of America. During the centuries 19 and 20, 37 new states were added to 13 originals, besides several overseas possessions. In the turn of the century 19 for 20 the USA was already the mightiest economy of the world.




Central office Park


Central Park is the biggest park of New York, with 3,4 km2 and is the best place to train, since it has 93 kilometers of own roads for the pedestrianism; 9,5 kilometers of roads for motorcars and nearly eight kilometers of roads for horses. He is twice bigger than Monaco and almost eight times bigger than the Vatican.


Empire State Building


Famous Empire State Building rises to more than 400 meters of height on the heart of Manhattan, and since the Observatory opened to a public, in 1931, almost 110 million visitors were dazzled with the sight of the city on his feet.

When the Observatory was located in the floor, 320 meters above the busy streets of the city, (accessible to deficient) it offers panoramic sights from a tent from glass and of the platform in the open air that goes round it; every year, more than 3,5 million persons come here to be where Cary Grant waited in vain for Deborah Kerr in An Affair you for it Remember and where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had the fatal meeting of Sleepless in Seattle.

The building, one of the biggest tourist attractions of Nova Iorque, offers to the visitors a great variety of activities: the Observatory can be visited 365 days in a year, in the afternoon and in the evening, it rain or it is sunny; it has two restaurants, a sushi-bar, three cafes, a shop of postcards, a post of mail and two banks; for the family, there is New York Skyride, a simulate helicopter walk in a cinema of virtual reality; there are concerts and exhibitions in the lobby along the whole year, decorations and shows inspired in festive blocks and special annual initiatives, like the Marriages of the Day of Saint Valentim.

Statue of the Freedom


The Statue of the Freedom was given to the American people by the French people, more than 100 years ago, in recognition to the friendship established during the American Revolution. With the spending time, besides this friendship it started to symbolize also freedom and democracy.


Las Vegas


The lights of Las Vegas

Las Vegas earns his living in the night, when all the lights of the casinos illuminate the skies of the city of the entertainment. Not better moment ago to walk along The Strip after the sun put itself already. To know the best points Las Vegas Lights Night Tour it will take you to a walk of approximately 3hrs.


Safari in the Desert with Hummer

Only being on board of a Hummer to cross a dry land and desertic. This walk begins in the door of his hotel in Las Vegas, and crosses more several tracks used by the first explorers, and he will see left mines and ruins of ancient fields of mining.


Red Rock Canyon

Beginning for the road which cut the desert of Mojave, the famous Route 66, indicated constantly in the asphalt already punished in time. It costs a photo seated in the asphalt to be felt a little near to the sceneries of so many movies already turned around there.

Sky Diving in Las Vegas

For whom it looks for adventure and radical sports in Las Vegas, we suggest you marking jumps of parachute in Las Vegas. You will be going to tan a free fall for 60 seconds and a gentle descent with parafalls. It is an incomparable emotion!


Balloon walk in Las Vegas

A balloon walk in Las Vegas is something only that can provide accepted limits to him. You can tan a travel of balloon of hot air, to assist the sunset in Las Vegas. Probably, one of the most romantic walks that you will be able to do when you are in the world-wide capital of the entertainment.


Walk of Buggy in Las Vegas

Come for a radical adventure in Las Vegas! Definitely this is not a walk for the one who has problems of heart. With duration approached 30 minutes, you will be going to know the true emotion of floor in a 30-50 miles buggy, in a challenging and aggressive land.


I walk in the deck of Desert Princess

This can be the ideal suggestion, still more if it will be on board of the marvelous ship Desert Princess. You will be able to walk along the deck and to visit the ship Captains Bridge. Contemplate also the sight of the marvelous night, and enjoy the only scenery and wild life around the Lake Mead.


Walk of super sports

Is his dream to be driving of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin or Porsche? Well, in Las Vegas you can! You not only are going to direct one of these supercars, just as it will be targeted for a spectacular race! In Driving Las Vegas Speedway, choose his favorite car and accelerate!


City Tour with Tekker in Las Vegas

Know like a small city if it transformed in the world-wide capital of the plays and entertainment. Does this exclusive walk offer a perspective different from Las Vegas? his beauty, history and future.


ATV Off road Desert Adventur in Las Vegas

A professional guide will be going to take to the only track that will allow to him to try the desert from the only perspective, on a system of particular tracks, which one cannot enter without being invited. You are going to learn as it will operate his totally automatic vehicle, since it is super easily of handling.


Death Valley in Las Vegas

Explore the wild side of the nature when it knows the rural environment of  Death Valley? The Valley of Death?, the hottest and dry national park of the United States. From mountainous peaks up to deep valleys, this park in the desert provides interminable sceneries that take away the breath and natural geological contrasts.


Museum of Natural History of New York

In the Museum of Natural History you see pictogram’s of animals in his habitats, dinosaurs, meteorites, stones and relatives, details of the life of ancient civilizations, between others.

The distinction of this museum is Render it Rose-colored Center will be an Earth and Space, an enormous sphere that shelters the planetarium and visionary is still prettier when, in the night.

The show super rung with narration of Harrison Ford does not last, does not halve hour and is, yes, interesting but not exceptionally. If you wait from a planetarium for the "classic" show, showing the constellations, planets etc., this is not the show for you.


Organization of the United Nations

The Organization of the United Nations UNO is an international organization when the application of the international right destined being made, the security, the economical development, social progress, human rights and easier for countries around the world.

The Organization of the United Nations includes 193 countries-members and his principals be that it is located in New York.


Bridge of the Brooklin

When the eighth wonder of the world was considered when it was finished in 1883, the bridge is a masterpiece of the engineering, with his ends of suspension and a beautiful sight of New York, and league Manhattan to the Brooklin, passing on East River.


Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a famous area of shops and restaurants for his skating rink in winter, traditional Christmas tree and for the statues Prometheus and Atlas.


Teams Square

Teams Square it is the name of the area formed by the crossroad of the Broadway with the Seventh Avenue, between the Streets 42 and 47. New York Team to celebrate the change for the region that now would take his name, did greatly it celebrates marked by many fireworks. So, on the 31st of December of 1904, the tradition was born of the New Year's Eve was commemorated in the Teams Square. Subsequently 43 changed the newspaper for a building in the Street. The original building is easily located by the mast in his top, by which the ball of New Year goes down.



Bon voyage!


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"The main cultural aspect of the Australia is originating from the aborigines who form the only people in the world, of prehistoric origin, of dark skin. There is of them the origin of the bumerangue and the name of the kangaroo."


Australia is an island continent with great dimensions and if a tourist will want to know everything is going to take a long time. Sidney is the biggest, most ancient and most exciting city of the Australia and perhaps of the world, being one of the most attractive touristic places of this country. Since the climate is quite tropical, take light clothes and be of use to tan the beach.

The most famous is the beach of Bondi, very excited and flood of pretty people and sculpted bodies. In the Australia Everything is extremely simple and functional. This simplicity, it is a result of years of tourist projection for part of the state government, and of much work for part of the local population, which adores to show his city.


Touristic places in the Australia



Located in that of the prettiest bays of the world, the city is famed for being welcoming and cheerful. His postcard is the Opera House with the Bridge Harbour to the bottom.


Great Ocean Road

Along the south-west coast of Victoria, it is one of the most spectacular roads. The most impressive points are the National Park Port Campbell, which includes impressive sculptures created by the winds and the sea, like the Twelve Apostles, the Bridge of London and Loch Ard Gorge; and the city of Port Fairy, with his folk festival.


National park of Uluru

Stuck in the middle of the desert of Gibson, Ayers Rock, the biggest monolith of the world has 3,6 km of length, 348 m of height, and is considered one of the sacred places of the aboriginal people.



Located on the northeast coast of the country, it is the starting point for the one who is going to know the Great Barrier from Corals, where it is possible to spend only one day or to be put up in the luxurious resorts spread by the coral red islands.

It is 2.300 km of reefs that the Australian coast accompanies and maintains one of the richest sea fauna and flora.



With a third of the territory protected like national park, it is an ecological paradise where there are endemic animals, like the devil off, the wombat, the duckbill, the equidna and the tiger of, among others.


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Tourism in England , Modernity and Tradition


Tourism in England comprises the largest island of Britain , divided into three historical regions : Tourism in England , Wales and Scotland as well as Northern Ireland and about 5,000 smaller islands . In all these places are preserved traditions of centuries and scraps of other people , beyond the seas , a glossary of cultures result of a past adventurer, who has known blend with the most modern technologies and ideas , getting one product .


The largest island of Britain has numerous places of interest . To discover these wonders , we have divided the course in different areas . First explore the South of England to travel after the central region . From here we travel to the East of England to take a small leap to Wales . From here we travel to the Region North of England , ending our trip to Scotland by surprise .



Besides the capital, London, there is much to see in this area , the hottest of all . Here the landscape is softer than the rest of the territory , although there are some hills . Towns of legend and red-roofed houses find themselves at the end of paths embeiradas of fruit trees . Woods , prehistoric remains to the mystical Stonehenge , castles and beautiful beaches are waiting for you on your visit to the south. The coast is a true haven for birds .



Oxford , situated in central England , only 90 km 's of London, is known for housing one of the best and oldest universities in the country. The city's charm lies in its student environment to the old fashion. Students roam the streets on bicycles , recite Shakespeare in green fields under the trees and on the verge of Tâmese , wear black capes for exams and adorn her with flowers buttonholes . This is the birthplace of Churchill . Throughout the city are found around the myriad colleges and universities that gave unforgettable names . Among the main tourist sites , include :


Carfax Tower .

Situated in the heart of the city .


City Museum

Here one can feel close to the town's history .


Pembroke College

Prestigious school founded in the year 1624 .


Christ Church ( Church of Christ )

I        t is the largest college of Oxford . It was founded in 1525 by Cardenal Wolsey and refounded in 1546 by Henry VIII . Within the grounds is the cathedral of the same name , the smallest in England , in which stand the vidraçarias Lady of chapels and Latin .


Mertom College

Founded in 1264 , highlighting the Mob Quad , the Library and the Chapel of 1290 .


Magdalem College

Old school with an impressive century chapel .

Botanical garden. established in the year 1621 for the study of medicinal plants .


St. Edmund Hall

This was the place where he studied Indian chief of the Mohawk tribe , Oronhyatekha in 1862 .


Queen's College The year 1341 and famous for preserving traditional customs in students .


University College

Unfortunately closed to visitors .


All Souls College

Remember where each year the soldiers victims , call the 100 Years War .


Church of St. Mary the Virgim

It has a splendid tower of the fourteenth century . * Brasenose College . This college dating from the sixteenth century .


New College

Near the Bridge of Sighs , 1914 copy of the original Venetian .

Sheldoniam Theatre Built in 1667 .


Library Bodleiam

The second most important library in the country .


Trinity College

Date of year 1555.


Balliol College

It has beautiful and important buildings of the nineteenth century .


The Oxford Story

This is where the story is told from the prestigious University of Oxford .


Ashmoleam Museum

Houses an excellent display of European and Oriental art , silver and ceramics from the University and Roman archeology , Greek and Egyptian .


University Museum

Dedicated to Natural Sciences and an impressive dinosaur skeleton in perfect condition .


Pitt Rivers Museum

This museum is only necessary to say that it is simply stunning .


Moderm Museum of Art

Here you can enjoy different exhibitions of twentieth-century art from different cultures .



By the rich colors of its gardens , its plain and splendid coastline , Kent is known as the " Garden of England " . However, it also has important port cities such as Dover , Folkestone and Ramsgate , as well as the villages of dreams as Canterbury .



Canterbury lies south of England in Kent County . It is a small town that seems taken from a fairytale , with many medieval buildings that still live in their inhabitants . The point nefrálgico the town is the Cathedral and it appears the known " Canterbury Tales " , which tell the stories of the temple and the pilgrims who arrived there . Anyone visiting this cozy town, has to make a mandatory stop at the following points :



Impressive building , which in 1170 becomes the center of medieval pilgrimage Europe's most important . The building is a mixture of various architectural styles , highlighting the southwest porch , the windows of the western ( all from the twelfth century ) , the Bell Harry , the main altar , the Chapel of St. Gabriel , with paintings of the twelfth century , the Chapel of the Black Princess , currently used by hugonotes , the Chapel of St. Michael , the Chair of St. Augustine used to command the archbishops , the Tomb of St. Thomas beautiful alabaster, the Chapel of St. Anselm and the Southwest Gate , without forgetting the magnificent vidraçarias . The gardens surrounding the cathedral is a quiet beauty without equal. If you are lucky to get it when echoing his incredible organ or a choir singing , will surely ecstatic .


Houses of Weavers

Excellently restored .


West Port

Fourteenth century former prison that now houses the Museum of Small Arms .


Franciscan Monastery

Founded in 1267 with a beautiful chapel.


City Museum

Where you can enjoy a tour through the history of this interesting village .


Roman Museum

In which expose the remains found in ancient Roman Canterbury .

Abbey of St. Augustine

Built on an ancient abbey demolished in 1538 .



Retain as a witness of other times .



Dover is located southeast of England and boasts the privilege of being the largest passenger port in Europe. From there it is indispensable to approach the mouth of the passage of the Channel .

The city stretches along River Dour and result very attractive its cliffs of white . You need to visit :


Dedicated to Natural Sciences and an impressive dinosaur skeleton in perfect condition .



Maritime Museum

Situated on the east pier .


Cross of St. Augustine

Located outside the city . You need to take the coast path towards Pegwel Bay Ali touched land the first Saxons in the year 449 , as St. Augustine in the year 557 , being the Father of the Church who introduced the Christian faith in England .

Very near Margate is one of the first centers of British summer , and Broadstairs , distinct and traditional summer place where you can see " Bleak House " by Dickens .



It is to highlight the region its magnificent coastline and interior landscapes insurmountable , scattered small traditional villages .



It is the most important town of the region and also the most lively and entertaining the country . The hills of the South Downs this beautiful coastal city , the center of summer vacation highly cosmopolitan . The morning trips on the Promenade and the streets and squares of the Regency era are something that never forgets . Another recommended activity is shopping in the narrow passages , known as " Lanes " , where you will find interesting from antiques to modern art . Among the places to visit out:


Royal Pavilion , Royal Palace Europe's most exotic

It was built in oriental style by order of the Prince Regent , who later convert up on George IV .


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Date of the year 1873 and houses a collection of Art Nouveau furniture and detachable parts , glazing and pottery Art Deco . Stresses the couch kissing and Salvador Dali Lalique glassworks . You can also find works by Clarice Cliff , Mackintosh and Bugatti , as well as some collections of porcelain, different parts coming from archaeological finds , painting and diverse art outside the West .


Palace Pier , is something like the " Palace of Fun " .

Near there, the beach and the lighthouse offer a beautiful spectacle .


St Nicholas

It is an old church parishioner dating from the fourteenth century and contains a source worthy to see. In the courtyard the remains of Phoebe Hessel , who disguised herself as a man and served for 17 years as a soldier to be with her ​​boyfriend . Died at 108 years in 1821 .



The most interesting of this typical port city of southern England is which is the entry point of the ferries coming from the port of Bilbao . A trip aboard the " Pride of Bilbao " lasts about 30 hours and becomes a mini-cruise across the Atlantic. There are also ferries connecting Spain with France , of course , a ' Overcraft " that leads to the fantastic Isle of Wight .

Portsmouth is a city full of maritime history . Here you can shop , stroll the beaches and harbor , as well as admire majestic ships historical heritage of its past as the headquarters of the Royal Navy , not forgetting a visit to the castles , forts and museums .


Royal Naval Museum

Discover the history of the Navy from 1485 until today , through exhibitions , films , models and diagrams that displays in its fascinating galleries .


D - Day Museum

Carpet houses the Overlord , a spectacular carpet of 272 feet in length that tells the story of the Normandy Landings .

Royal Marines Museum . Pantalhas interactive features and special effects to describe and show the history of the Royal Marines .

GiraWarships by Water ( Buckland of war from water .) The " Days of Marina " , offer the possibility to explore the modern bouquets marina .

Insignia bouquet Portsmouth . Located in the Historic Dockyard ( Muelle History ) .

Mary Rose . Perteceu to Henry VIII and was regatado the seabed.

HMS Victory , Lord Nelson . Peca clave in suceso of Great Bretanhana Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Southsea Castle . Where Henry VIII saw as his favorite ship , the Mary Rose , sank off the coast of Southsea .


Portchester Castle

Situated next to Portsmouth Harbour .


sealife Center

This place invites you to discover the life that lies beneath the oceans .

Pyramids Centre

It features pools with artificial waves and slides, ideal for fun and to enjoy .



The Isle of Wight became famous for hosting multiple concerts in the 60s . Today is a quiet , ideal for relaxing , with beautiful beaches and beautiful mansions . The island has a wide range of places to visit , such as amusement parks , holiday centers , museums , taieres crafts , countryside parks , sunny homes , gardens and vineyards . Also, you can visit it :

Carisbrooke Castle

Where Charles I was imprisoned before his execution in London in the seventeenth century . The window through which tried to escape can still be seen .


Osborne House

It was the house where Queen Victoria died in 1901 .

The island tour invites you to discover some villages also very interesting :


This population is famous for links with the sport sailing and rowing , as well as being home to numerous national and international championships .



A small population of  Ryde offers beautiful promenade and a park of attractions to enjoy with the whole family .



It is the capital of the island and has a bustling market and numerous specialty shops craft .



Nearby you can visit extensive sandy beaches , especially in Ventnor , Shanklin and Sandowm .



This region has historic treasures and attractions . It is an ideal place for sightseeing . Calicos its valleys and small towns offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, a charming sight .



It is a beautiful medieval town in which presides over all, the Cathedral . But it is also interesting to know your market and enjoy the views it offers the city's architecture . Its main attractions are :


Salisbury Cathedral

An example of English architecture , which has a chapitel world-famous 123 meters. The Cathedral guard inside the original Magna Carta and boasts of having the oldest working clock in Europe .



Dólmenes in a circular form , which is not clear and neither whom raised to , but is known to have been used by many cultures . Between 2200 BC . and the year 1300 AD . were transported there from Pembrokeshire ( Wales ) . The axis of the stones coincides with sunrise on June 21 . The mystery of Stonehenge is one of the great enigmas of the world .



Headquarters of the Royal Navy and hometown Sir Fancis Drake . The Old Port Elizabethan ( Barbican ) , sailed many famous characters , including the Pilgrim Fathers , Charles Darwin and Scott of the Antarctic . It is the largest city in the South of England and has numerous treasures for the visitor :


St Mary Redcliffe

Sixteenth century and one of the oldest parochial churches of England .


Lord Mayor's Chapel

Gothic style , providing an architectural delight .



Eighteenth century , a monastery was at the origin agostino .


New Room

Here is the equestrian statue of John Wesley .


City Museum & Art Gallery

Guard mummies , as well as local art .


Georgiam House

It is the home of the sugar merchant John Pinney .


Red Lodge

Elizabethan mansion that holds in one of the halls , the memory of Mary Carpenter , who stood in this place the first reformatory for women in 1854 .


SS Great Britain

The first transatlantic steel , the year 1843.


Bristol Old Station

Designed by Brunel , and the terminal that has survived and the oldest in the world .


Cliftom & the Suspensiom Bridge

Also designed by Brunel , offers a great magnetism to artists and their altitude also entices those seeking suicide .


Blaise Castle House Museum

Date of the late eighteenth century and contains the history of urban and rural life in the region .


Blaise Hamlet. Próximo ao Blaise Castle House Museum

It is a group of houses with thatched roof of the nineteenth century.



Was honored as the most civilized people of all Christendom . Bath is surrounded by the typical English countryside and Georgian buildings constitute an authentic architectural jewel . You can visit her Royal


Crescent and the Roman Baths .

To the east of Bath located treasures Lacock Abbey and Corsham Court , and within walking distance, Wells , which distinguishes itself through the medieval streets and the imposing Gothic cathedral . Very near Glastonbury , the Avalon of King Arthur and mystical place where rests the supposed Holy Grail .



Legend has it that Joseph of Arimatéa arrived in the region with the Holy Grail , the cup of the Last Supper that contains the blood of Christ. From its roots washed sprouted and grew the famous Glastonbury Thorn , which blooms in May and during the Christmas season . The place where such an event happened , the Glastonbury Tor , is a mountain 156 meters high and is the most favored in many km 's to the round . The Abbey , now in ruins , was in his day a famous center of teaching (it is said that the remains of King Arthur and Queen Ginevra lie there. Be sure to visit the region in the following points :


Barringtom Court

It is situated on the outskirts of Ilminster . It is a beautiful garden that covers the grounds of a sunny home , the Tudor -influenced Gertrude Jekyll , now restored . Among its precincts highlights the White Garden , the Garden of Roses and Lilies and the lilies .


Chedar Show Caves & Gorge (in Chedar )

It is the largest gorge in England , guarding major attractions: caves lit , spectacular scenery , walks in the top of the rock and places to picnic and excursions .



The plain of the woods and stopped Dorset New Forest , the supply of this region comprises numerous attractions : forests populated by deer, villages with history, ancient monuments and magnificent cliffs . Stand , especially Kingstom Maurward Gardens , 14 acres of beautiful gardens , prairies and green land and 2 acre lake .


DEVON AND cornwal

These regions located in the extreme southwest of the country , have large holiday centers and numerous islands to explore . Ports , coves and an interior crowned by mountains and scattered , as distinctive, castles , national parks and historical settlements . Among them we highlight :



The most prominent of the town is the Maritime Museum , the Cathedral and The House Moved que , a jewel of half-timbered that was transferred in full , up there in 1961 , because it was obstructing the peripheral road of Exeter .



It is a good vacation place for practicing water sports .



Stands out for its architecture Elizabethan style preserved intact for centuries .


St Ives

It is a favorite retreat for artists , with its fishing port and the houses with slate roofs . You can visit the Tate Gallery, located on Porthmeor beach with magnificent sea views.



It is the birthplace of King Arthur , where he had his famous castle. There is to visit Tintagel Head.


Cornwall Coast

Extends for over 400 km s from Marsland . The ride on their rocks offers an impressive sea views.


ISLAND OF JERSEY ( Channel Islands )

It is a bit far from England and closer to France, 65 km s port of St Malo in Brittany . It is a dream island , rich in history and great natural beauty . Not part of the United Kingdom , have their own legal system and its own currency . The island is of French origin and Norman .

We must make a visit to Cotte Cave , dating from 250,000 years and see the numerous Neolithic monuments Normans ; neolithic tomb Houge Bie ; Museums : Museum of Jersey, the Hamptone Museum and the Maritime Museum . The Gallery of Rugs Occupation and German Underground Hospital , tell the story more modern , Mont Orgueil Castle , the Medieval Citadel , dominating the east coast and Elizabeth Castle , the sixteenth century , built in the bay of St. Aubin , in celebration queen Elizabeth I , are other points of interest on the island .



It is the region that extends up from London and is the heart of England . This area abounds historic houses and gardens and being the center of the country , the region is an important meeting point where numerous events take place in theater and art , not to forget that here is the birthplace of Shakespeare . To this must be added attractive landscapes on both sides of the river , which runs through the region .


It is the cultural capital of the heart of England and one of the world's great cities . The third UK city in number of foreign visitors who stay. Were its inventors , its industry and dynamism , which contributed to the greatness of the country . It has very good road and rail connections to anywhere in the country . Also , is the English city of canals, a network of mid-eighteenth century , it has been able to adapt to the modern city. To start the visit must be standing at Victory Square. Among the attractions that the city offers out:


Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

The museum is the best pre - Raphaelite collection , which includes works by Millais and Rossetti , as well as important paintings of  Burne - Jones . The artist , native of the town , maintained a close friendship with William Morris . The Pre - Raphaelite collection is considered one of the best in the world .


Barber Institute of Fine Arts

An extensive picture gallery of European painting .


NEC Arena

National Exhibition Centre .


Symphony Hall

Where is headquartered Symphony Orchestra city .


Birmingham Hippodrome

Headquarters ballet company .


Repertory Theatre and Alexandra Theatre

The place for musicals , comedies and classic productions .


Jewellery Quarter

This area is distinguished by being the preferred place to shop . It has its own Discovery Center.


Houses of Historical Interest

The main ones are the homes of Astom Hall and Blakesley Hall .


Museum of Science and Industry

Contains the wonders of science and engineering.


National SeaLife Center

Houses some 3,000 sea creatures.



Cambridge , the birthplace of knowledge , is famous for its university , founded in the thirteenth century , and celebrated by men and women who have studied there ( more than 60 Nobel prizes have left their classes ) . The River Cam flows through the city and it can make a journey in " punts " , rowing boats that are rented to enjoy the wonderful views . The Colleges ( Colleges ) more interesting were founded in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries , some dating back to the sixteenth century , and some are of recent creation . Many of them are like mini - cities . Libraries in these schools can be found true relics of the past knowledge . In Cambridge there who fail to see :


Chapel of King's College

One of the best examples of English Gothic . Its construction was completed in 1516 , carried out by order of Henry VI in honor of the Virgin Mary . In it are celebrated events worldwide fame as the Festival of Nine Lessons Choirs . Highlight the impressive vidraçarias the wooden gates , the main altar with the " Adoration of the Magi " by Rubens and the chapel of the display .


Trinity College

Founded by Trinitarians , in 1546 , with its beautiful chapel.


John 's College

Communicated with the rest by two beautiful bridges, the Bridge of Sighs , venezano replica of the original , and Clara Bridge .


Trinity Hall

Famous building campus .


Christ's College

Founded in the year 1505.


Jesus College

With a beautiful gallery Norman .


Magdalene College

Near the bridge originate and market city .


Corpus Christi

Distinguishes itself by being the oldest building in the village .


Queen's College

The first college that charged by admisião students .Peterhouse



Founded in 1284 .


Pembroke College

With beautiful gardens .


Emmanuel College

Founded in 1584 .


Fitzwilliam Museum

Situated in a neoclassical building was transferred to the University by Viscount Fitzwilliam . In its rooms you can admire an Egyptian sarcophagus , Greek and Roman art , Chinese ceramics , crystal english and magnificent manuscripts , among other pieces .


Kettle's Yard

Gallery which was the home of Jim Ede , with an excellent art exhibition which runs 20 centuries .


Outskirts of Cambridge

Very interesting result Grantchester , delightful city of great charm , the cemetery where lie the Americans who died during World War II , the Air Museum Duxford , with aircraft from various eras including used during those cruel years , Wimpole Hall , mansion eighteenth century and Ely and Peterborough , with its impressive cathedral .



In the heart of England, Midlands Southerm , are Stratford , Upom and Avon .

Stratford is known for being the home of the writer , world-famous William Shakespeare . The properties are controlled by the writer Shakespeare Birthplace Trust , three of the houses are situated in the city center and you can reach them easily. The most visited place is the house where the famous author was born in 1564 , Shakespeare 's Birthplace , located in Henley Street . Also worth visiting the house of New Place and Nash 's House , Hall 's Croft , where lived Dr. Hall and his wife , the daughter of the writer , Susanne , Anne Hathaway 's Cottage , the farm wife who lived before Shakespeare of her marriage , Mary Arden 's House , probably the most interesting properties , the home of William's mother , and Holy Trinity Church in which one can contemplate photocopies of registration of the christening of the author , among other documents of interest .


Also worth a visit :

Harvard House

House of the mother of the founder of the prestigious Harvard University .


Midland Bank Building

Illustrated with reliefs of the life of Shakespeare .


Gower Memorial

Where characters remember the works of the writer .


Guild Chapel

The year 1269 .


Royal Shakespeare Theatre

The year 1932 .


World of Shakespeare

Where , for 25 minutes , it makes a visual introduction about Queen Elizabeth.


It is the ideal place for nature lovers . It is often said that it is the " land of beautiful horizons and skies ." This is a more relaxed area of east-central England. Wickem Fem is one of the oldest nature reserves in England . A large windmill dominates the landscape from where a path of more than one kilometer, Broadwalk Trail crosses a slough early spread of wild flowers .



Known novel by George Elliot television , has an urbanization surrounded by magnificent landscapes that include parks , where deer rest . Is located very close to Burghley House , one of the great palaces of Elizabethan England, today headquarters gave a famous equestrian competition .



It is a regional center that has more than a millennium . Was in its time the largest walled city of medieval Europe . The most interesting is the location of Norwich Castle , situated high on a mountain. It is a museum that holds incredible treasures primitive : necklaces , bracelets and rings from the Iron Age , unearthed by a farmer in 1948 . The Castle Museum is hosting the culminating work of an important group of national landscape of the nineteenth century , including John Crome and John Sell Cotman . Also saves the world's most extensive collection of British ceramic teapots .

To see the streets and quaint buildings follow the Route of Aldabas ( Door Knocker Trail ) , which leaves Tombland , the old Saxon market , and has ends in Bell Lane , the short distance from the house Sarah Glover , a music teacher who invented the English decimal system , with musical notation called " tonic solfa ." Incidentally , do not miss the beautiful Cathedral of Gothic style .



Situated in the center -west , Warwick is famous for the medieval castle of the seventeenth century . One of the ancestors of Warwick who was executed Joan of Arc . Worth a visit to see their rooms Officials impressive collections of paintings and furniture , as well as the dungeon that lies in the depths of the castle , offering fantastic panoramic views of the gardens .



Situated on Wye on top of a hill , Ross -on - Wye is a beautiful shopping center, and is a great starting point to explore the valley and the Forest of Dean , the first Forest Park of England and Wales , you can also visit Goodrich Castle , a fortress with a murky past .



In northern England the natural panorama becomes spectacular , from the deep valleys of Yorkshire to the high mountains of the Lake District ( the Lake District ) . Even more evocative results in the northeast Northunbria with endless landscapes and ancient battlefields between Scots and English . In the north it also gives time to art and culture in cities such as Manchester, York or Liverpool , the city that saw the birth of the Beatles .


Surrounded by canals and pioneer in building , Manchester offers for those who visit it , a pleasant welcome, beauty and culture merge to their enjoyment . Although the Romans were the first to raise the foundations of the city , the architecture you can see today almost all belong to the Victorian heritage . Among the most important attractions of the city are :



Dating from medieval times .


Refuge Assurance Building

Old refuge and now known as the Palace Hotel .


John Rylands Library

A library and Victorian neo-Gothic style with the world's most famous manuscripts .


Towm Hall

Opened in 1877 , houses treasures such as the murals of Ford Madox -Brown , a legacy of the Industrial Revolution .


Manchester City Art Galleries

The building belongs to the work of the architect Sir Charles Barry , author of Parliament. Inside keeps an important collection of British art , especially the pre - Raphaelites painters as Holmam Hunt and Rossetti , also you can see primitive Schools Italian , French and Flemish . There is also silverware collections, pottery and glassworks .


Bury Art Gallery

Preserves works as collection Wrigleyou aquarelistas as Turner .


Museum of Science and Industry

Displays the most extraordinary inventions .


Manchester Museum

Specializing in Egyptology , mummies preserved , make 2000 years .


East Lancashire Steam Railway

Nostalgic industrial heritage of the past . It can be seen older locomotives.


To the south of the city is worth a walk to see :

Lyme Park

A sunny house belonging to the family Leigh , from 600 years and was used as the exterior of the television series " Pride and Prejudice " . Features beautiful panels , carpets and carvings worthy of admiration and a famous collection of English watches , plus some Chippendale chairs entapetadas supposedly with the robe that was Charles I , when he was executed .


Bramall Hall

Tudor style . Inside are Victorian kitchens , bathrooms and tea rooms . Worthy to see.


Dunham Massey

Eighteenth century , built on a park full of deer . It has a gift shop and a restaurant .


Tattom Park

With its beautiful gardens and its neoclassical mansion with a medieval hall .



An attractive wooden structure Tudor style , worthy of admiration .

Also do not miss the Arley Hall . The north side of the city also offers good places to visit such as the Hall Heatom neoclassical or Rochdale Pioneers Museum , birthplace of the Cooperative movement .


Outside Manchester

One of the places you should not miss is Litle Moretom Hall , considered one of the most beautiful stately homes . Account with moat and wooden covered country . On the other hand , is a marvel of Trafford aqueduct, dating from 1849 and is located on the Manchester Ship Canal .

The Bridgewater and Rochdale canals join in Castlefield . The area is distinguished by its bridges and warehouses , being a center of great vitality , whereas Salford Quays has been converted into a great harbor full of attractions . Finally , Worsley Village a quaint town with buildings of the eighteenth century , with lovely pubs situated by the water .



Liverpool , situated in the County of Merseyside in Northerm Midlands , is one of the major ports in the world which attracts crowds of immigrants . This city is world famous for being the place whence the Beatles , one of the groups that have revolutionized modern music . Among its main attractions highlight :


Albert Dock

The old docks , restored in 1980 , hosting museums , shops , restaurants , studies of Granada TV and other attractions .


Merseyside Maritime Museum

Divided into three sections . One can enjoy the exhibits with immigrants to the New World , the Battle of the Atlantic World War II , Models of the World and the Great Ship Builders .


Museum of Liverpool Life

also with three major issues : Mersey Culture , ( Making and Living ) ; Traditions City and Demanding a Voice , which deals with unionism and democracy .


Tate Gallery Liverpool

Gallery with exhibitions of great quality.


The Beatles Story

Here you can do a follow up story of the British and also contemplate objects , records, videos , etc. . to the delight of fans .


City Center

This area highlights : Pier Head , column 1760 , Port of Liverpool Building, completed in 1907 , Royal Liver Building , opened in 1911 ; Towm Hall , designed by John Wood , the No. 16 Cook Street , with its modern architecture ; Caverm Club , where the Beatles played up to 275 times between March 1961 and August 1963 , the Britannia Adelphi Hotel , built in 1912 ; Vines pub with a curious inward somewhat luxurious ; Americam Bar the place chosen by the Americans who fought in World War II World ; crowm Hotel , 1900; St. George Hall , outdoor Greek and Roman countryside ; Liverpool Museum , with collections very interesting and William Browm Library.

Also of interest are the Everymam Theatre , the Philharmonic Hotel , 1900 , Ye cracke in the Metropolitan Cathedral crypt which , by the fault of War , ended in 1967 and Anglicam Cathedral of Gothic style with a tower 331 feet .

For lovers of the Beatles there are companies that organize the usual places circuits components of this famous group .

From Liverpool can travel to the Isle of Man , which has a beautiful landscape , being the capital Duglas a true relic .



Founded by the Romans , walled city and amphitheater that holds the largest island of England , characterized by buildings black - white half-timbered . It is best to start by taking a stroll through the ramparts . The Eastgate Clock is the starting point . Then nothing better than to get to the Cathedral , which has more than nine centuries old and continue for Deva Romam Experience a trip through time to the edge of your gallery , the largest amphitheater that has been discovered in England, by tower of King Charles I and the Castle Town and lastly , a good rest to make purchases at the Rows , galleries eighteenth century two-story .



York , located to the north in Yorkshire , is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe. Regional capital for nearly 2000 years , this walled city results simply stunning . Among the most prominent is :


York Minster

It is the largest medieval cathedral in Europe and the Archbishop of York is second in importance in the country after the Canterbury . It highlights the Head Dragon ship west windows of the fourteenth century , the magnificent vidraçarias ( close to two hundred and sixty thousand ) , the Central Tower , the Choir , the High Altar , the treasure and the crypt . Near the Cathedral , also worth a visit St William 's College and the House of Treasurers .


ancient city

With its beautiful walls and buildings as beautiful as Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, the best preserved medieval gate , which houses the Museum of Richard III and Walmgate Bar, only .


Museum Gardens

It can be considered an oasis located in the city center . Within it are the Museum Gardens Lodge , Victorian Gothic , 1874 , the Observatory Tower Multangular the Yorkshire Museum with pieces Roman , Anglo - Saxon and Viking , among others , the Abbey of Santa Maria Benedictine monastery from 1080 , the orphanage , fourteenth century , St. Mary 's Lodge , 1470 Church St. Olave and dedicated to the patron saint of Normandy .


Merchant 's Hall Adventure

Built in the fourteenth century , introduces the visitor within the environment of medieval York .

Jorvik Viking Centre . One of the most popular attractions of the city , as it recreates the environment of other Viking times .


Torre Clifford´s

Rebuilt on the former that was destroyed during a fire .


York Castle Museum

Here you can stroll through the streets with Victorian and Edwardian fascinating reconstruction of the interior of homes and objects of the time .


Automaton Museum

Where one can enjoy with these curious machines .

Railroad Museum . Interesting machines trains from different eras .


Medieval churches

York keeps about twenty medieval churches in good condition , such as All Saints or Holy Trinity ( Trinity) .


Other place of interest York

The Fairfax House , the eighteenth century , Barley Hall , restored in the Church of Santa Maria York Story with reports on the history of the city , York Dungeon , the Roman Baths , Friargate Museum , Art Gallery and the Black Cave .

Near York is spectacularly seated between two lakes and 4 km s territory , the Castle Howard , still inhabited by the descendants of Charles Howard . The House contains magnificent treasures among which include a portrait of Henry XVIII done by Holbein . The gardens exhibit work in South Lake water , a waterfall and fountain.



Beautiful resort town known for two festivals : the Harrogate Spring Flower Festival , which celebrates the first flowers of the year with impressive views , and Harrogate Summer Festival , offering recitals, chamber concerts , dance , jazz , opera and theater of all kinds. The places you should not miss is the visit to Harrogate are:


Royal Pump Room Museum

Built in 1842 on a mine sulfur , which gives it a very curious.


Valley Gardens

This is the place where they make up the floral displays .



Edwardian theater which has operated since 1919.


Harewood House ( near Leeds ) .

It is an eighteenth century house with gardens , a lake , a forest with paths and a beautiful esplanade with fountains and flowers . Includes a garden bird .


Yorkshire Dales National Park ( Dale means " Valley inclined" ) .

Earth and valleys intersect in this amazing landscape . It is advisable to visit the city of Richmond and the castle surrounded by a river and from where we obtain excellent views .



This is an area of great beauty abundant in lakes , each with its particular characteristic : the rough Buttermere , Wastwater and the deep framed by the mountains , the Water Conistom the shadow of the Old Mam of Coniston . The best views you get from Haweswater . How curious point is to say that Hill Top Farm in Beatrice Potter was inspired to write the tales of " Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck " .

And is that the Lake District has been place of inspiration for numerous poets , writers , and artists of all time , among them the poet William Wordsworth .



It is the largest city of the Lake District , in addition to being a major tourist center .



It was in the eighteenth century , the most important port of England in traffic of boats for the West Indies . out:


Lancaster Castle

Houses the oldest jail in Europe. The Roman fortress dates from the year 95 AD . Visit the turret room of the fifteenth century , chain debtors in the nineteenth century and Shire Hall , which today houses the Court of the locality .


Maritime Museum

Excellent display with everything connected with the sea.


Faro de Glassom Dock

Eighteenth century and one of the smaller buildings of historic interest in England .



It is a city full of bridges of great beauty that s extends over the River Tyne . Street names keep the nostalgia of the past . It has a lively market and a bustling nightlife . Their theaters are famous , one of them is the Tyne Theatre and Opera House . On his side , the Art Gallery displays works Laining , among others, Gauguim and Henry Moore .



This region lies north of England has a strong military heritage that is reflected in the strongholds spreading the landscape, including the Chillingaham Castle , Ros Castle , Iron Age , from which one obtains brilliant views of Holy Island and Lindisfarne and Bamburgh castles .



Wales is a land of legends and myths . Their civilization is older than the pyramids of Egypt and the values ​​and attitudes of its inhabitants are as old as time itself . Your Celtic heritage manifests itself in all its cultural and natural place , which has kept up . The territory alternate rugged mountains , pristine beaches and lively ports . Castles and villages of tales blend with Natural Reserves of exceptional beauty .

Legend has it that the real King Arthur was a Welsh nobleman who lived in the sixth century and drove the Celts in the wars against the Saxons . Some ancient texts speak of the city of Carleon , which may be the Camelot where was the court of the king. Also found in Wales the " Fortress of Merlin " in Welsh: Carmarthen . Leave aside the legends we enter to the wonders that hides Wales.



It is the capital of the Principality of Wales and a large and important port . It is situated in the south of the country and has a rich historical and cultural heritage . Its cosmopolitan atmosphere , the art and architecture of the Victorian and Edwardian town so confirm this.


Cardiff Castle

It lies in the very heart of the city. Each room holds a history and as least 2000 years can be described in the age of its walls . His heritage is Roman , Norman , Victorian and even can be found in its wall a creation of Bourges , the famous Animal Wall. The building has belonged to many different families for centuries . Inside you can find real treasures , such as jewelry , precious metals , paintings , GLASSWARE, woodcarvings and ceramics .


Castell Coch

Built out of town as the former companion . Do not miss the main chamber , worthy of Sleeping Beauty .


City Hall

Contains inside statues of heroes of Wales .


Catedral Llandaff

A medieval building that holds a statue of Christ Epsteim rebuilt after World War II .


Roath Park

Huge garden full of roses , a pond and a lighthouse , which resembles Captain Scott .


Castle Quarter

It has elegant Victorian arcades , small specialty shops , cafes and restaurants . It is situated in the city center .


Cardiff 's Cafe Quarter

At the heart of the city , ideal for enjoying suppers in the numerous open air restaurants there are .


Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre

A futuristic building too . Tells the story of the rebirth of the district south of the city as well as the evolution of the docks .



A Discovery Center. The best place to glimpse the future. It is the center of most important scientific discoveries of England .


Norwegiam Church Arts Center

A restored church help convert itself into a center of art . The writer Roald Dahl was baptized here .


Atlantic Wharf Leisure Village

Ideal place to enjoy with the whole family , cinemas , restaurants, cafeterias , etc. .


Museum of Welsh Life

Tells the story of the country and has a collection of reconstructed buildings in the local style .


National Museum & Gallery Cardiff

Archaeological and zoological collections , and paintings including local and Impressionist artists .


Cardiff Arms Park .

Mecca for followers of international rugby .



At the Wye Valley is this place where there is an Abbey , the best preserved of Wales . A Gothic building built in the thirteenth century by Cistercian monks .



If anything distinguishes Rhonda is its heritage of " Black Gold " , a legacy left by the workers in the coal mines of South Wales can get off to the mines .



Situated opposite the Gower Peninsula . It is the second city of Wales and the birthplace of poet Thomas Dylam . The city has one of the most impressive port complexes in Europe. There we visit the Maritime and Industrial Museum and Theatre Dylam Thomas . The city has large sandy beaches , dunes and beautiful rocks that crown .



The coast extends spectacular this side of Wales . Here is the National Park which has many vestiges of the past .



This region , the heart of Wales , has a landscape of magnificent mountains , a lake , beach resorts and historical attractions events that are celebrated during the summer season .



It lies on the Basin of Carmarthen . The port has precious Georgian houses , a small church and a castle of the thirteenth century . The narrow streets resemble Norman times , when it was known as " Little Fort Fish " .



It is one of the most important bird reserves in England . Moreover, it is a historical place because it was there where Henry Tudor , later Henry VII , recruited an army of Welshmen to fight Richard III , whom he defeated in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth , winning the British crown . The current royal family descended from this lineage.



The most prominent of the town is its Cathedral . It is the largest building in the city and is situated in a sheltered cove of grass , in the same location in St. David , patron saint of Welsh , founded a monastery in the sixth century . It was built in the year 1180 by Peter Read , Florentine monk . It is a jewel of medieval architecture , especially highlighting the reliefs from the ceiling of oak. Very close , the Episcopal Palace , which although currently , is in ruins , recalls the wealth and power of the medieval church .



It is an old mining people who dedicated to the extraction of slate. The most interesting is the Dinas Bran Fortress , built in the twelfth century . Also detachable are the beautiful ruins of Valley Crucis Abbey , founded in 1201 by monks of the Cistercian order . One of the Seven Wonders of Wales is the famous bridge that crosses the River Dee , built in the fourteenth century . Every year it is celebrated in the locality a music festival : the International Music Eisteedfod .





In the region is the population with the longest name in the world. The full name of locality is translated from Welsh , " St. Mary's Church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the church of St. Tysilo near the red cave ." It is known as Llanfairpwll .


Plas Newydd

The residence houses the best museum created by Rex Whistler , frequent visitor , a collection of the painter and many memories of the Napoleonic Wars . The internal imagery , charged by the first Marquis of Anlesey , one of the generals closest to Wellington , is the work of James Wyatt .


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 South Africa


South Africa is formed and developed by traditional communities , people of native origin and European or Asian languages ​​and with different aesthetic and spiritual values ​​. South Africa has three capital Bloemfoutein , The Cape and Pretoria .

South Africa is a country rich in cultures .




Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the most famous parks , the oldest and largest in the world .

This is a unique opportunity to observe the flora, but also hundreds of varieties of birds , reptiles and mammals .

Tracks intact wild and in perfect condition ensure comfort .

It remains only to drive slowly and be aware that the leaves rustling .

Private reserves are located west of the Kruger and others are isolated from the park, surrounded by fields and traditional cultures .


Created eighty years ago , in 1926 , by the merger of two reserves, the Kruger Park is one of the ten most important natural parks of the world , hosting a wide variety fauna : more than five hundred species of birds , 112 reptiles and 150 mammals.



Pilgrim 's Rest


In 1874 , a group of miners , including a pilgrim claimed ( pilgrim ) , and finally had the chance to get a beautiful valley in the Lowveld . They did not expect to stay and were content to build in wood and corrugated iron , but the bonanza began almost a hundred years to exhaust .

Located 15 km west of the massive Drakensberg his village , completely restored , became a historic site .

Entered in the register of historical monuments , the mining village ( Pilgrim's Rest ) was fully restored to better start to fall in ruins today.

In 1873, miner Alec Patterson said Alec , the wheelbarrow , because that's how he carried his possessions , wealth found here .

The vein quickly known , attracted hundreds of adventurers , including the French Auguste Robert . Theta Mine , the last mine in the Transvaal Gold Exploration Company , was once the richest gold mine in the world . It closed in 1972.



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Singapore is a small and prosperous Asian island tropical climate which houses in its territory a dense multi-cultural population . Ali antiquity and modernity coexist with singular cunning , between people of different races that highlight their culture both in its architecture as in religion , festivals and even food .

The Republic of Singapore , its official name , focuses inside a piece of history of each of the migrations , attracted by its commercial wealth , arrived with desire for prosperity and left their marks still latent in each one of its streets .


On the island of Singapore blends the past with the future and so will be our route.

A walk through history through its districts , we will explore with thoroughness and absorbing all the historical culture that contains . But also hike watching the magnificent prospects that offer the future . First we will visit the colonial neighborhood , to see after the trade area .

Later we go to Chinatown , the area Arabic and Indian . And last shopping of Orchard Road. We just escape to some greenery around and follow the coast and islands .


It is surrounded by the Singapore River on its southern part . The permanence of the British Crown is remarkable in the particular country . Sir Stamford Raffles moved the district south of the Singapore River and converted the northern area in administrative area . This fact was how the plan for the central Singapore through generations of colonial and republican years of independence.

Despite being a modern city , remain numerous historical memories in the architecture . In Singapore colonial British are imposing monuments , buildings of gray stone of City Hall, the Parliament and the museum , churches and Victorian architecture . Many of these buildings still serve their original purposes . The colonial district is dominated by the Ford Canning Park , built in 1819 on a field - Malay and the holy cemetery where are buried some of the early European settlers who settled on the island .

Near the northern boundary of the park is the Museum and National Art Gallery (National Museum and Art Gallery ) , renowned for its collection of jade objects . Central Business District is the commercial heart of the country and its monuments are now modern skyscraper. These two areas are divided by the Singapore River which has always been the center of the city . It was the place of the first arrivals of the British and for a long time , the main artery of trade .

Here is the Empress Place Building , Victorian building which dates from 1865 and was named in honor of Queen Victoria . It is the oldest pedestrian zone Singapore , where there is a museum , art galleries and an exclusive restaurant. Nearby , across the river is the Statue of Raffles , probably situated where the British set foot in the country for the first time . On Beach Road is the Raffles Hotel which is best known in the country and is also considered as an institution designated by the government as part of the cultural heritage of Singapore . Also in the area are St. Andrew 's Cathedral , the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and other good examples of religious buildings from that era are the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus and St Joseph Institution The country's oldest church is the Church of St. Gregory the Enlightened .



It is one of the most fascinating areas of the country and the center of culture . In Singapore today , Chinatown offers a vision of how Chinese immigrants have shaped and built the modern city , with its numerous temples , decorated terraces and multitude of markets that convert into various tents in the middle of a noisy activity . Much of Chinatown has been cleared and rebuilt during the last thirty years. You can start traversed the area from the MRT station 's central business district and head toward the south to the Taoist Temple Walk Hai Cheng Bio . Another place for tourism is the temple Fuk Tak

Chi lying in Telok Ayer Street which concentrates the authentic taste of Chinatown . Later find Durgha Nagore Shrine , an ancient Muslim mosque near the temple Thian Hock Keng is the most interesting of the Chinese temples in the city. Continuing the journey to find Chinese Street , one of the few encaves Chinatown which saved the rebuilding and there kept the ancestral spirit that concentrates a large number of citizens who strike the streets making even complicated movement between bikes and buses . Street southwest Chinese are interesting antique shops and " Thieves' Market " are on Sundays at noon . On the corner of Ann Siang Hill and Club is the quirky Lee Kun shop , specializing in spectacular Lion Dance masks , made ​​of paper and bamboo. Another place of interest is Tanjong Pagar , a natural area conservation in their beautifully restored terraces , where a variety of bars and restaurants .



It is the Muslim center of Singapore and became a traditional textile district where one can find a wide variety of tissues . The Sultan Mosque is the country's largest and busiest . Can also find good restaurants Hindus Muslims in North Avenue Bridge. A street below , is the Hajil Lane , a picturesque street stores franchised by two -storey business and textiles of all kinds. About Baghdad street find stonecutters polishing small Muslim tombstones for the graves , a little bad in front of other carvers produce parts for the Chinese temples and their tombs . At the door of the Sultan is the Istana Kampong Glam , which was the residence of Sultan Ali Iskander Shah , built around 1840.

Another important place in the region is the mosque Malabar Muslim Jama - Ath , a precious building covered in blue tiles that acquire looks fantastic in the evening during Ramadán . Behind is the old cemetery Kampong Glam , where it says that royalty malacia is buried between palms and other tropical trees . Another important mosque is Haijah Fatimah whose architecture shows colonial influences .



This modest but colorful area full of shops , deep aromas and Hindu music is a relief from the predominance of modernity in many parts of the city .

Centered around the southern end of Avenida Serangon , this is an ideal place to enjoy a great vegetarian food and buy crafts delicate Hindus . The Center Zhujiao is one of the busiest markets of Singapore , where they sell all kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as meat and fish .

Hawkers stems with abundant food stands Hindu , gifts and textiles great variety of typical things . On the corner of Serangoon and Belilios is Veerama Kali Amman Temple , a building shaivita dedicated to Kali . It is well attended by devotees , especially at sunset .

The Srivinasa Sri Perumal is an extensive temple dedicated to Vishnu . In it one can find a statue of Perumal Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi Andal y .

The Temple of a Thousand Lights Temple of Yoshiharu Muni Buddha Gaya , called so because it is dominated by a figure of Buddha 15 meters high painted with very bright colors . Part of a huge image , are some curiosities , like the wax figure of a sphinx Gandhi and Ganesh , the Hindu god with an elephant's head .



It is the most important shopping area of Singapore. Ali concentrate the best shopping centers and hotels in the modern part of the country. Tangling Mall gathers its premises shops, restaurants, and great nightclubs. The Forum Shopping Centre is an ideal place to find toys and electronics of various brands and Paranakan place gets to see their old 'shophouses' restored wooden in that there are restaurants, craft shops and a museum that explains what life was like at the beginning of the Peranakan century.



West of the city, is this important industrial sector and urban that stands out for being the area's most powerful economy of Singapore. One of the main attractions is the Haw Par Villa, a Chinese mythological park. Another theme parks is Tang Dynasty City, China's relationship with the seventeenth century.

Is also the Jurong Bird Park, where the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, ideal places to be with nature, beyond the Science Centre Singapore where he exposes statements of scientific progress. Not far away there is also a pool of crocodiles.



On the East Coast, across the road to reach the airport is Katong, a bulwark of Peranakan culture. Más north is Geylang Serai, a residential area malacia. Here you can take a tour of the market and the Malay Cultural Village where crafts displays, and we can listen to music and enjoy traditional cuisine.



The cultural wealth of the country is determined by the diversity of the population . In the area of Chinatown dazzle costumes characteristics of ancient Chinese culture , while Little India plays in its buildings and houses the Hindu influence . In the modern area of the country live people who share the influences of modern China and the West . The four official languages ​​of Singapore are Mandarin , Malay, Tamil and English. The latter is the main language of education that is coupled with the rapid economic growth of the country has learned to combine old traditions with modern learning. Even if you use English as the medium of communication between members of different racial groupings , there is a deformation language known as Singlish , which is conveniently used by those citizens who have not learned the language dogmatically . The total population of Singapore is 3.1 million, comprised of a 77.7 % Chinese , 14.1 % Malays , 7.1 % Hindu and 1.1 % of people of different races .


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Scotland is everything you imagine - whiskey, golf, romance of the clans and a heritage of castles and historic sites.

The region of the Highlands (Terras Altas) is one of the last wildernesses in Europe.

Tourist Places

A spectacular mountain scenery discover castles, lakes and beautiful and interesting cities. The route for Scotland begins in the capital, Edinburgh, and continues to the south, and then explore the center of Scotland and finish in the Northern Highlands (Terras Altas) and the islands.



Edinburgh, situated north of the country, is the second most touristic city of Britain. Scotland's capital has a lively university environment and political as well as most of its institutions are in this charming town that boasts the capital, since the eleventh century. It is the seat of the famous Theatre Festival, which is celebrated in the summer. Is surrounded by a rich meadow and beautiful coastline. Dominating the town, a magnificent castle. Edinburgh is a city that you can visit at any time of year and your offer of shows and festivals is very broad.



How to highlight places of interest:


Edinburgh Castle

Consists of a walled complex with several buildings housing different museums. Emphasize the chapel of St. Margaret, the twelfth century, the Stone of Destiny, which was crowned the Scottish monarchs, honors, the crown jewels that are older than the English and the Fort, from which daily fires up a cannon .


Royal Mile. Charming neighborhood with alleys entries

Inside are the Parliament, the Supreme Court Scottish Heart of Midlothian, the Cathedral of St. Giles, of the fifteenth century, the Gothic style, and the Mercat Cross.


Holyrood Palace

Rebuilt in 1671 by Charles II. Royal residence since Queen Elizabeth inhabits this palace during once a year as Queen of Scotland.

One can visit the homes of Mary Stuart, where he lived for six years, and the place where he had murdered his secretary Rizzi. To end the visit to the premises, nothing better than walking through the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, the oldest Gothic building and important set.


Georgian House

Eighteenth century, in which first published the Encyclopedia Britannica. Also boasts the privilege of being the first place where golf was played.


Monument to Sir Walter Scott

Neogothic style , made ​​in 1836 by George Meikle Kemp .


National Galery

With an excellent pictorial displays .


Royal Academy

Neoclassical built by William Playfair , in which one can see temporary exhibitions of great quality.


assembly Hall

Scottish Anglican Church headquarters .


Charlotte Square

Square designed by Robert Adam in the neoclassical style .


Royal Museum of Scotland

Here you can admire various antiquities following the country's history . Also houses creations Phoebe Traquair , notable exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement , including a chalice enameled shell ear Navy decorated with figures from Greek mythology .


Writer 's Museum

Collection around Scott , Burns and Stevenson mainly ( they all had links with Edinburgh ) .


National Portrait Gallery

The suitable place to discover the history of Scotland , through the characters who made it ..


Museum of Childhood

With a fascinating collection of toys .


House of John Knox

Local author who lived the Reform Church of Scotland .


Cantom Hill

Hill where one can get an excellent view of the city and enjoy the National Monument , dedicated to the victory achieved at Trafalgar, the Astronomical Observatory and Nelson Monument .


Canongate Tolbooth

At City Hall this ancient settlement follows representing the city's history .


Huntly House

Municipal Museum housed in two Renaissance palaces that preserve the way of life of the Scottish nobles of the seventeenth century .


Arthur 's Seat

Park located on top of a volcano off, which recreates the lakes and valleys Islands Hihglands offering indeed an overview of the region unforgettable .


botanical garden

One of the most beautiful in Europe for its distinction . Has five greenhouses from different eras .



A Jewish neighborhood that surrounds the river .


St. Bernard's Well

Source medicinal situated in a season of great beauty .


Deam Village

Typical village of the nineteenth century , which you can visit the Moorish municipal pool , the oldest of the city , and you can stroll admiring the lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls .


Scottish National Gallery of Art Moderm

Set in ancient palaces , the Gallery of Modern Art has an excellent show with works by Miró and German Expressionists , among others .



Home of the Five Nations Cup Rugby .


Dalmeny House

It is a sunny house belonging to the Earls of Rosebery . The mansion houses a collection of French furniture nothing contemptible , eighteenth century , acquired by Baron Rothschild with remarkable paintings , porcelain pieces and carpets , there is also a collection of Napoleonic great interest .


Outskirts of Edinburgh

Leaving town in a northeasterly direction arises Firth of Forth . Hence one can distinguish voladizo Victorian bridge , crossed by a railway line , elegant and modern bridge , where motorized traffic flows . The work of Stevensom " Kidnapped " is set in South Queensferry , Hawes Inn is very close Houptoum House , one of the great Scottish houses , dominating the River Forth , in a huge green area .

In North Ferry finds itself the Deep Sea World a transparent tunnel under the Forth bridge that takes visitors to an aquarium , an ecosystem populated by endemic .



Scotland appears different and stamps his own personality in all things . However , the landscape that stretches from here will , offers a feature that distinguishes it . His blue hills stretching to the horizon and the woods of the north and the grasslands abound everywhere .


The treasures you find in southern Scotland go further : castles , gardens , abbeys and mysterious routes await those who go beyond the Scottish borders .



This region is less than an hour's drive from Edinburgh.


The attractive that stores are varied : active textile cities , tranquil villages , mansions and historic abbeys . Here lived the old villains of the border region , known as " reivers " .


Hawwick Drumlanrig 's Tower

It is the largest population in the area. Your are famous folk festivals that are celebrated in the summer months .



Here lived the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott . You can visit your home and admire its collection of objects relating to the history of Scotland .


Dryburgh Abbey

It lies on the outskirts of Melrose . These extensive ruins also house the tomb of Sir Walter Scott .


Jedburgh Abbey

It was the monks who developed the art of working the wool . The abbeys had a great importance for life in Borders .


Locharrom of Scotland

You are in Galashiels , but is only one of many looms and shops , in which the traveler can learn something from this fascinating world of textiles.


Paxtom House

Lies in Berwick - upom Tweed . It is a house built by John and James Adam and is considered one of the most prominent Palladian country houses in Britain . The mansion houses a remarkable collection of Chippendale furniture and furnishings typical of the Regency . The interior is decorated by Robert Adam , papered and painted by hand . In addition , guard 70 paintings of Scotland's National Collection .


Manderston Duns

Country house with luxurious rooms and singular official escalinata silver .


Flors Castle

Is close to Kelso and is proud to be the largest inhabited house in Scotland .


Traquair House

Is on the side of Innerleithem with fine gardens .



Tells the story of Roman occupation , which also came by. You can also visit an abbey and a museum of teddy cotton.




You can visit some places associated with Robert Burns , the national poet of Scotland .


Ellisland Farm

Related to Robert Burns , where he wrote many works while doing the work of the farm.



You can visit Broughtom House , related to EA Hornel Scottish painter , as well as the Tolbooth Arts city .



There you go and see the Port Logam Logan Botanic Gardens .


Newtom Setwart

It is the gateway to the Galloway Forest Park . Close by is the newly appointed literary village , Wigtown .




Caerlaverock Castle

It is a curious triangular-shaped castle with moat, which is now in ruins . Maxwell was the abode of a powerful family of the fifteenth century . Emphasize the building the twin towers with their bright pink and a limestone carved Renaissance mansion built within the walls of which culminate in a gallery of niches.


Threaeve Castle

Castle Douglas is a huge tower of the fourteenth century situated in a beautiful place near the river Dee .


Sweetheart Abbey and Abbey Dundrennam

An important witness of antiquity .



Took place where the first Christian settlement in Scotland . Constituted a place of pilgrimage for Scottish monarchs .



Glassgow is the second most important city in Scotland after Edinburgh. With nearly 700,000 people this city , located in the center of the country is one of the most distinguished of England . Is also a vibrant center of cultural activities .


Here one should visit :


George Square

Street where you can admire different buildings of Victorian architecture , such as the Post Office Building , the Bank of Scotland and the City Chambers , of the eighteenth century , with an exterior certainly interesting .



A perfect example of gothic remodeled, with a special atmosphere created around the tomb of St Mungo , a focus of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages .


St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Here is exposed a curious show about Life, Death and Beyond in different religious beliefs . Highlight the " Christ of St John of the Cross " Dali , some statues of Buddha , Hindu gods , and now abroad, a precious and delicate Zen garden.


Burrel Collection

You can include fabrics, furniture , Chinese porcelain , medieval furniture , pottery, paintings by Renoir and Cezane and other art objects donated to Glassgow by Sir William Burrell .

Gallery of Modern Art , with exhibits of the four natural elements water, air , fire and earth ; Scottish figurative artwork , a gallery and interactive works worldwide.


School of Art Glassgow

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh , Art Nouveau pioneer in Britain .


Tenement House

You can visit a small apartment of recent times . Time seems not now , since the early twentieth century . Comprising four bedrooms and retains most unique landmarks , furniture and objects accumulated by Miss Agnes Townard who lived there for over 50 years.


Paisley Museum

Here is the account of the development of Paisley shawl , also in the Art Gallery .


Museum of Transport

Museum very curious , because it reproduces a typical street of the city of the 30s .


Hunteriam Hunteriam Museum and Art Gallery

Dedicated to the famous Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh . Is regarded as the most extensive picture gallery of great European artists of the sixteenth century in advance . The most notable collection is the work of American painter , trained in Paris, James McNeill Whistler , and comprises eight paintings , furniture , silverware and pieces of pottery that were brought to his studio .


Glassgow Royal Concert Hall

Good place to enjoy a good concert or ballet.


McLean Museum

A museum centered on the social history of the village .


Outskirts of Glasgow

Paisley . This population is the largest textile center of the world of its kind . Grew around an abbey founded in the twelfth century Cluniaciense , dedicated to the manufacture of wire. The most interesting is the location of the museum , which has an important collection of shawls , whose distinctive design Kashmir was introduced in 1770 .


For tof Stirling Menteith

The most notable is the Abbey Inchmahome Priory Augustinian . It is situated in a beautiful location and remains almost intact .



Brodick Castle and Country Gardem Parck

By the sea and in the middle of a spectacular landscape in the mountains and surrounded by trees , is this castle . The building remains within a family environment and saves silverware, furniture, paintings and porcelain pieces , plus a collection of paintings of trophies and sporting theme .


Burns Cottage and Museum

Burns National Heritage Park . This is the birthplace of Robert Burns , so that most of the things I find have much of a poet. The visit includes a route that follows his life from his birth in Alloway to Dumfries in the south.


Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine

Where narrates and describes the Scottish maritime past .


Deam Castle

Has an important exhibition of ancient musical instruments and armor .


Viking Heritage Centre ( Largs )

Account the role of the Vikings in Scotland's history .


Culzeam Castle

This masterpiece , which focuses on a beautiful cliff , is due to the architect Robert Adam .


Secret Forest

ideial for children . The Secret Grove offers routes and adventures in the plains surrounding Kelburm Castle , near Largs . From here you can reach s Islands Great Cumbrae and Little Cumbrae .


Isle of Arram Heritage Museum

In Arram Island where you will also find prehistoric deposits , which include menhirs , a castle and a magnificent park .




Kilchurm Castle

It is situated on the outskirts of Dalmally , at one end of Loch Awe. The castle dates from 1440 and its ruins stand up in a romantic setting at the foot of towering mountains . Was witness to some historic events such as the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, in which British troops were trapped behind the walls . Finally , abandoado was in the eighteenth century , after a lightning strike .


Iona Abbey

It lies in the small, mystical island of Iona , where his monks left with a mission to convert to Christianity to the people of Scotland . The founder of this abbey was St. Columban , around the year 563 . What you can see today has been rebuilt later in the thirteenth century . In the cemetery are buried 48 Scottish kings , including Duncan , murdered by Macbeth in the eleventh century , and 12 Irish , and Norwegian and French .


Hill House

It is situated in Helensburg . This is the best creation of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the residential category .


Arduaine Garden

Is on the outskirts of Oban . It is a prominent wooded garden , magnificent in late spring .



Situated in the north of Scotland , in the Highlands , Aberdeem is the third most important city after Edinburgh and Glassgow . Gateway to Royal Deeside , valley of the River Dee . This charming town has beautiful granite buildings and silvery flower gardens that make it look like a village tale .


Among its attractions destinguem up :


Museum of Art

With an interesting collection.


Aberdeem Art Gallery

Houses an important collection of contemporary art , in which highlights the jeweler James Cromar Watt .


Maritime Museum

Collects the traditions of this fishing port .


Duthie Park and Winter Gardens

Green areas of great beauty in which to rest and recreate the spirit , beyond the Winter Gardens , there is a play area for children , which includes Satrosphere , Interactive Museum of Science .


former zone

With songs of great charm as the Tower of the King's College , sixteenth-century Cathedral and St. Machar , of granite, wood ceiling , 1520 , of great beauty .


Crathes Castle

Underscore the curious turrets that seem to be part of an enchanted castle , gargoyles , stunning gardens and tales of ghosts . Highlight the paintings ceilings, above all, the Hall of the Nine Noble , representing nine of the great antiquity.


Duff House

Eighteenth century mansion , designed by William Adam . This is a great exponent of Scottish architecture . It is a dependency of the National Gallery of Scotland and guards inside a rich collection of works of art among which highlights the work of Greco " St. Jerome in Penitence " , the " Group Dutch family " of JG Guyp and three panels of François Boucher .


Pitmedem Garden

A real gem of orticultura . The gardens are part of a farm of 40 acres , the work of Sir Alexander Setom and date from the seventeenth century ; include pavilions , fountains and sundials .





It has the ruins of an abbey of the twelfth century , with the original of the Declaration of 1320, the most important document of Scotland and quiet and attractive valleys , as Glem Glem Eskou Clova .


Brechim Round Tower

Situated between the mountains and the sea.


House of Dun

It is a beautiful Georgian town house designed by William Adam in 1730 for David Erskine . Highlight the decorative plaster on the interior work of Joseph Enzer . It is said that this work demanded by the sum of 216 pounds , by the year 1742. Mrs. Jordan , Lady Erskine , was a natural daughter of William IV so keep up the house numerous real memories .


Edzell Castle

Here you can admire the oldest gardens in the country.


Glamis Castle

Childhood home of  HRH Queen Elizabeth , the Queen Mother


Discovery Poin

It is the tourist center of Dundee . Contains the famous ship of Captain Scott , who used in his Antarctic explorations . The heritage of the city can also be seen in the McManus Galleries and Verdant Works.





Blair Castle


It was the residence of the Dukes of Atholl and date of the thirteenth century , although it has changed in appearance over time . The castle guard inside an interesting collection of paintings , furniture , crockery , armor , costumes and a set of Brussels carpets , specially made for Charles I.


Queen 's View

Loch Tummel . The " Queen's View " is an entrancing landscape .



This kingdom is an area rich in abbeys , mansions XVIII , XVII palaces and medieval castles .



It was a lively port city that traded with the Netherlands and the remote Baltic countries . Retains the same aspect , two centuries ago . You can visit some addresses , including Towm House, The Study, which looks like something out of a fairy tale, the house with evil eye and The Palace , residence of a merchant of the sixteenth century , who keeps traditional architectural elements of the best time of settlement , as well as gardens and small houses of damask and red colors .


East Neuk

Account with picturesque fishing villages as Earlsferry , which bears the name of the vessel , which manages deceiving Macbeth Macduff ; St. Monans , with an attractive street of the seventeenth century that gava up to be the most beautiful of the kingdom ; Pittenweem , with its busy port , Crail , downtown artists ; Lothian ; Tantallom Castle and Bass Rock . In Anstruther can visit the Fishing Museum . Nor should lose the nature reserve , the beautiful island of May , a paradise for nature lovers .


St Andrews

Its name comes from a legend that tells how St. Rulo arrived with the relics of the Apostle St. Andrew , about the fourth century , after shipwreck off the coast of Fife . It is an ancient episcopal city and university , religious headquarters of Scotland . Moreover, it is the birthplace of Golf , invented 500 years ago , so if you like this sport will find numerous fields , including the Old Course , the oldest in the world. You can visit , wanting the British Golf Museum .





This is an area of ​​idyllic landscapes and lonely . You can find castles , lakes , forests and lovely beaches .



Its strategic position makes you breathe history, nothing more to cross the border between the Lowlands and the High . His position was controlled in time by Stirling Castle , where deflagaram up battles of Scottish independence , under the leadership of Robert I and Sir William Wallace , as it is told in the movie " Braveheart ." The monument to the latter , it can be seen in the locality . Very close are the enchanted landscapes of the Trossachs .


Region LAKES

Following the road linking Inverness and Fort William arrives at a station of great beauty , the Lakes region , Caledoniam Channel . This place is formed by a series of stunning lakes making chain, resulting one of the most beautiful natural places in the country and the world .



Situated in the Highlands ( Highlands ) , welcoming the road linking Fort William and Inverness is Loch Ness . This lake is known worldwide for the mystery that lurks in the deep waters . According to legend lurks in Nessy , the monster deluviano foyer , which is speculated for centuries . You can visit two interesting exhibitions on the investigation of the monster in Drumnadrochit . If you have no luck , and after looking at the dark waters , unable to greet Nessy , you can always take the opportunity strolling through the woods near the Inverfarigaig and enjoy the spectacle that offer the stunning waterfalls of Foyers .



It is one of the most attractive cities of the Highlands , surrounded by mountains of great beauty . It is also an important tourist center , ideal to take as a base and travel around the area .


West Highland Museum . A sus biggest attractions is the portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie secret .


Fort Williams . Ancient fort from which the city takes its name .


Summit of Ben Nevis . The highest mountain in the British Isles.


Ben Nevis Distillery . To know the process of temper and beverage production Scots most important .



This place of singular beauty , is known as the " Lake of Tears " . It was here where the McDonalds were brought and killed by the Campbells in 1692 . The full story of the clans can learn at the Visitor Centre of the National Trust.



It is situated in the heart of the country and Campbell can be taken as a starting point for the Hebrides . Among its attractive figure McCaig 's Tower , a replica of the tenth nônica Colosseum and hosting the Discovery Centre . In August Obama is distinguished by numerous local celebrations .



It is the capital of the Highlands . Is crossed by the River Ness and the borders develops the bustling city .


Museum & Art Gallery. Contains numerous treasures , including diagrams wildlife .


Castle . Eleventh century , although rebuilt several times later. Inside is the Castle Garrisom Encounter .


Other points : the city can visit the Hospital , Market , City Hall , the Theatre and the Cathedral which are of great interest .



This place has been witness to some historic events . Queen Victoria attended this attractive holiday center in the nineteenth century .

In Killiecrankie have fought the Scots , for some time , the Blair Castle , the thirteenth century , housed in their day to two of the most romantic of Scottish royalty : Mary Stuart and Charles Edward Stuart .




Glenfinnam Monument

It is situated on Loch Shiel . It is a monument that represents a soldier of the Highland kilt and marks the point where, in 1745 , Charles Edward Stuart raised the banner of his father , in an attempt to regain the lost throne " by the imprudence of their ancestors ." Very close up - Seven haias planted in honor of fellow worshipers of Prince Stuart , one for each of them .



It is famous because there burned the last time, in Scotland , a witch in the year 1722. There to visit their medieval cathedral , the Episcopal Palace of the sixteenth century and a large Field Golf seventeenth century , which is considered as the number 11 in the world .


They also emphasize :


Dunrobim Castle

It is one of the most fantastic homes sunny Scotland and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and views to the sea , to further emphasize its beauty . Inside one can find wonderful treasures like pieces of silver, furniture, paintings and porcelain .


Kyle of Sutherland

It is situated in the heart of the Northern Highlands , a region very fertile , which appear lakes and streams full of life . Following the course of the shim to the shim comes Falls.



From here you can follow an interesting route forestry or archaeological .




Lochinver . It is a fishing port as an ideal starting point in the path of the region , where they expect it to climb hills ; Old Mam of the Stour , the lofty rock that comes out of the sea, and the ruins of Ardvreck Castle on the edge of Loch Assynt ( former residence of Mcleods and address today eagle fishmonger ), the Caves of Inchnadamph Bone, favorite of geologists , the lovely village of Scourie , famous for cattle ; Elphin 's Rare Breeds Farm , and the beaches of Achmelvich , Clachtoll and Clashnessie .






The Gulf coast softens this by making Inverewe an authentic subtropical garden , full of exotic plants.

Kinlochewe can observe the golden eagle , common deer and wildcat . Also in the area are the Slattadale Falls , with panoramic views to Loch Maree . In the seventh century Celtic monk settled in a cell in one of the islands in the lake. And lastly do not forget to visit the Scottish distillery Glem Ord and experience its malt whisk .



Scotland offers numerous islands to visit . Among them advise you Clyde and the islands of Jura , Mull and Iona , the Western Isles , including Lewis , Harris and Skye , and the Hebrides , Shetland and Orkney .




Isle of Lewis

On this island the most prominent is the Callanish Standing Stones . If the dolmens of Stonehenge have to do with the sun , Callanish has to do with the moon . Megaliths located here offer a majestic view and spectacular. Take here some 4,000 years and are 13 stones that trace a circle around a central menhir about 5 meters. Á from this circle extends a double avenue formed by 19 stones .




Jarlshof Settlement

Important prehistoric ruins and Nordic dating back to 3,000 years ago .


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Between the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean is this precious archipelago of thousands of islands, which combine in a singular way the traditions of ethnic groups who passed through their land.




The Philippines is divided into 13 regions: Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Luzão, the capital, Tagala, Bicol, Visayas three of the four autonomous region of Mindanao and the Cordillera. We will tour through the most important points. The first thing we find out is the territory of the capital. After the region of Luzão. Then visit the Visayas Islands, to finish the trip in Mindanao.






It is a large metropolitan area consists of 4 cities and 13 municipal regions . What began as a small tribal settlement , to enjoy a natural harbor , ended up being the populous center of commerce that is today . Manila, besides the capital , is the gateway of the country to the world .

The capital of Philippines is located on the west coast of the island of Luzão . It takes place the political and economic life of the country . Its architecture in general , still retains remnants of Spanish colonial heritage and can be seen interesting places of historical time . Moreover, there is also a modern city area called Manila .

The Manila Bay offers numerous tourist attractions . Intramuros is a walled city that is in the old town and retains his countenance with restored buildings , historic museums , antique shops and restaurants usanza . Was the bastion of Spain during the colonial era . Fort Santiago was the central headquarters of the Spanish troops and imprisonment for thousands of Filipinos , including the national hero , Jose Rizal .

The Manila Cathedral and the Church of St. Agustím are the two oldest religious buildings on the island and offer collections of objects of the time . Other colonial expressions are preserved in the Museum Casa Manila , a former nineteenth century mansion restored and conditioned for tourism , with decorative objects and furniture from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

Outside Intramural more in front of the Bay there is an extensive green area , ideal for leisure and expansion . It's Rizal Park , which features an outdoor auditorium , innumerable sources , a Chinese garden and another Japanese , some children's play areas and even a track for skating . At Jose Rizal Park is buried beneath a monument in his honor .

The whole art of the city lies in the large CCP , Cultural Center of the Philippines where you can see various performances of theater, ballet and concerts . And also the best setting of the sun across the bay . There lies the Coconut Palace , built in the typical style of the country . The materials used have used native elements , mixed with the cocoteiro . Also in place is the Palace of Congresses and the fairgrounds for various events .

In the district of Quiapo can visit the Shrine of the Black Nazarene . In this district there buying and selling of various items . Do not miss Chinatown , which is outside the old walls of the hull and where there is a wide variety of restaurants and small shops .

The business center is Makati , which is distinguished by its modern buildings and shopping centers with numerous exclusive sports clubs . It is worth visiting the Ayala Museum , which displays the history of the country .

In Quezom City are huge coconut plantations and is known for its festivals , it was the official capital of the Philippines before the integration in Metro Manila.

Also located in Manila University of Santo Tomas , the other side of the river pasing .

The Nayong Philipino is a park of 23 acres , where one can find replicas of monumental attractions of the country , including the Volcano Mayao Bicol , the rice terraces of Banaue , the Chocolate Hills of Bohol and the Cross of Magellan Cabú , besides of miniature villages of different regions . And lastly, do not forget to visit the Malacanhang Palace , official residence of the President of the Philippines .




Is north of the capital, after passing Fernando is famous for its Easter celebration. It is a good point to explore Mount Pinatubo. A volcano that erupted only a decade. It is best to provide himself with a good guide.




It is a small island lying in the south channel, stressed the Bay of Manila. It remain "relics" of the Second World War. There you get to it by boat.


The Pinhas

It lies on the outskirts of Metro Manila. Most visitors come to this city to contemplate his Bamboo Organ, which is housed in a stone church, nearly a century. It is the only organ in the world manufactured in this material.


It is the spot where the country's independence. Find numerous monuments respect of the whole province. Is heading south from the capital.


Is further south. The most attractive are the views from the back of the volcanic island lying in the middle of Lake Taal. The island and the lake, as well as the volcano formed from an old volcano.


It is famous for its baths. You will find numerous places to enjoy them. Very near Calamba is the birthplace of national hero Jose Rizal. His house is now a museum.


It is the largest island of the country . The northern Luzão is rich in panoramic views as to combine the green landscapes and old colonial residences . There is the city of Baguio , which distinguishes itself from the rest of its territory by pines and its cooler climate . It was the summer capital of the country . Teeming with sports facilities such as the Burnham Park and Wright Park and Philippine Military Academy West Point .

The ridges enshrine the rice terraces of Banaue . Some call it the eighth wonder of the world. Centuries ago a tribe millennial zone carved terraces on the slopes of the hills which have a length of 22,400 km . Sagada is the most outstanding one because it is an area full of caves , lakes and impressive waterfalls .

On the northern coast are the most beautiful beaches , the province of the Union may visit charming fishing villages . Further south , in Pangasinam are the Hundred Islands , a popular place . Very close you can visit the towns of Alaminos and LuCaP .

Following the northern route is Ilocos , very quiet and rustic . This is where the Spanish influence left to notice more . You will find numerous churches to visit .

Laoang , the capital of Ilocos Norte has international airport. In the south of Vigan Ilocos is a historic city full of baroque churches and houses anscestrais . Its streets are still homes .

The culinary capital of Bulacan Luzão is in the province of Pampanga . It is known for its festivals and jams . Rizal is a city of artists .

In the south is the province of Batangas , a true paradise for submariners . Here the lovers of this sport will find deserts and coral islands that offer their best treasures to view.

To the west are the coconut plantations of Quezão , a province that also stands out for its cheerful feasts . In Albay , lying to the southwest what attracts most visitors is the Mayao Volcano , which has an almost perfect conical shape .


Island Palwan

And finally the Palwan Island, China Sea. It is located between Mindoro Island and North Borneo. It is known as the last frontier of the country. The capital, Puerto Princesa is the starting point for the tour of the area. The most attractive place is the Underground River in the National Park of São Paulo, which can explore together with the unique colorful caves.

Diving enthusiasts will enjoy the Tubbataha Marine Reserve is very rich in marine life and archaeological remains. Those who prefer to tread land can enjoy an African safari in Calauit Island Reserve. Do not forget to visit the Tabon Caves, Cradle of Civilization Philippines.

To the west of Palawam is the Spratly Archipelago, a group of 53 coral islands, rich in oil and other minerals. They are known as Kalayaan Group.



The Visayas Islands are located in the central part of the Philippines and have a very relaxed and heavenly . Ali is the province of Cebu , the second port of entry to the country . It is composed of 167 islands, including the capital of the same name.

Cebu is the oldest city in the country and is known as the queen of the south , is the Minor Basilica of the Holy Cross and the Nest of Magellan . Its coasts are reserved for resorts .

The island is a paradise for Mactám submariners and have the best tourist complexes . On the east lies the sandy beaches banking franchise coconut . The islands of Badian , and Fisher Bantayam are famous for their stunning coral .

To the west lies the island of Negros , which are two important points : the City of Dumaguete and Bacolod City .

The island of Bohol is home to the world's smallest monkey , Tarsius , and coveting the Chocolate Hills , so named for the color of your stone .

Iloilo on the Island is an important cultural center and two universities ; here highlights the Iloilo Museum has a rich collection of artifacts ranging from visayas fossils to the religious articles . You can visit historic churches and Bacolod City in Negros Occidental , the sugar capital of the country . Also there is the town of Aklan , with two big attractions: the Festival Anti - AAtiham and Boracay Island , famous for its white sand beaches .



It is the second largest island of the country. To the south of the archipelago to find populous and modern city Davao which is the most extensive in the world, it covers 244,000 hectares.



Are located in this area Davaw Museum, Taoist temples and Buddhist Wa Lom and farms and Greenhills Derling where you can admire the famous orchids from Davao.

Very close, Zamboangaou "Flower City" which mixes with the uniqueness Hispanic and Muslim customs. The main attractions are the Fort Pilar, Rio Hondo, and the village of weavers Yakan.


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 Marshall Islands


The Marshal or Marshall Islands is a country of Micronesia , whose nearest neighbors are Kiribati , the south, the Federated States of Micronesia , west , and Wake Island , belonging to the United States of America , to the north.

Capital : Majuro .


notable landmarks


Lagoon Bikini - Bikini Atoll . Place unusual, weird . This pond was used as a cemetery ship after World War II and after - as a test site for many tests of nuclear bombs . Now, many ships sunk in the lagoon are radioactive , but the tranquil lagoon is full of life and very interesting for divers.

Bokak Atoll lagoon - Bokak Atoll ( Atol Taongi ) . The lagoon of the atoll by 0.9 m above the surrounding sea . The wind brings in a sea of new wells and the water of the pond by a narrow channel . Unusual feature of this atoll, remote untouched is a 10-15 cm rim height , mass formed by algae and closing the edges of patches of coral in the lagoon .

Bravo crater - Bikini Atoll . The 2 km wide and 75 m deep crater was created by the explosion of Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb in 1954 . This explosion MT 15 has created significant radioactive contamination. In this same place more nuclear tests occurred .

Ivy Mike test site - northern part of Enewetak Atoll . A place where the first successful test of a hydrogen bomb in 1952 occurred . This giant explosion evaporated Elugelam Island , creating a crater 1.9 km in diameter . Another nuclear bomb was detonated in this crater in 1956 .

Laura settlement and cemetery island in Majuro , Majuro Atoll is one of the few ancient settlements excavated in Marshall Islands . The archaeological heritage in Marshall Islands is rather scarce , although the islands are inhabited by about 2,000 years .Likiep Atoll.

This atoll is located in the highest point Marshall Islands , located 11 m above sea level . It's amazing that a country with such a large number of islands is devoid of any hills .

Runit explosion crater - Enewetak Atoll , Runit Island . An explosion crater formed during the nuclear tests , filled with radioactive contaminated soil from the island and covered with concrete, forming a lot of height 7.6 m spherical .




Atol Wotje

Wotje , the main island atoll that is punctuated by remnants of World War II . Its lagoon also has several wrecks , and are popular for divers.

The islets , being almost deserted , are considered a paradise for divers and swimmers .


Majuro Atoll

Tourism center and is the political and economic center of the country , consists of 57 islets . Majuro has been called the " Jewel of the Pacific " .

Although quite westernized , it is still possible to capture the native culture , especially when it goes to Laura Village .

The Peace Park Majuro , has the best beaches in addition to the memorial built by the Japanese and dedicated to those who died in the eastern Pacific during World War II .


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 "This blessed to bestow, and yet, Could we bestow the gifts we get, And keep the ones we give away, How happy were our Christmas day!"


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(part 1/4)


The Indian subcontinent is home to one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in the world .

India , due to its history and culture , still marks the spiritual evolution of mankind .


The islands of Andaman and Nicobar

Tribes inhabit this area of pretoíde race as the Onge dedicated to agriculture and ogado . The aborigines of micobar not accept the deal with strangers .

The capital of the islands is Port Blair with the former Carcel current seat of a museum , the Zoo with saltwater crocodiles , the Anthropological Museum in which you can see models of Aboriginal villages , the Botanical Garden , the Centers for Forestry in Winberlygunj jungle and Birmão Temple Bay Phoenix are its maximum appeal.

It is very pleasant to stroll through the especeariasa ghol Gar shops and Cottage Industries Emporium , and now by boat , walk the Aberdeen Market , the Vyper Island and Chattam Saw Mill . Are ideal for bathing beaches like Cala Corbyn and the Wandoor .



Independent kingdom until 1975 , Sikkim is one of the smallest states in India and also one of the greatest height situated . To enter this state need special permission that is necessary to request eight weeks of anticipation and the part that leads Tibet is closed to tourists .



Gangtok , capital of Sikkim , has the maximum attractive Tsuk - La - Khang , the royal chapel that are celebrated in ceremonies and festivals , is situated on the side of the Palace of Chogyal which remains closed to the public except once a year , on the occasion festival Pong Labsal where llamas danced peculiar dances covered with masks, Nambyalk Institute Tibeteología where the director of the Institute usually show the facilities and explain the activities that take place there , the Orchids Nursery in what may be contemplated 454 species, and the Deer Park Monastery Enchey to 200 years old .


Outskirts of Gangtok

Around Gangtok Rumtek Monastery highlight the belonging to the Buddhist sect of the Yellow Hat , the Monastery of the Nyingma Red Hat and Tashiding .



Assam is the largest of the states located in the Northeast and is a leading producer of tea and oil of India .



Guwahati , the state capital , has numerous ancient Hindu temples such as Umananda , situated in the middle of the river , of the Ravagrah , the Nine Planets and most famous, of which Kamakshya surrenders cult of Shakti energy .

Also interesting are the residence of the Governor and the State Museum. However , Guwahati is particularly interesting to be the place from where we go to visit the nature reserves in the area.


Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park is famous for being the most important refuge of one-horned rhinoceros in India . Currently living in this dump 1,200 copies that assumes three quarters of the world's population . Also inhabit here tigers, elephants , buffaloes , gaurs , sambars , swamp deer , muntjacs , Ganges dolphins and thousands of birds .


Manas Wild Animal Reserve

The Book of Wild Animals Manas has 55 species of mammals including the 21 most amenazadas the country such as the tiger , buffalo, rhino horn one , the panther , the hare and the dwarf hispida jawbone , 350 species of birds , 36 reptiles and three amphibians .





Meghalaya was established in 1971 . This state is populated by three different tribes the khasia the jantia and Garo . Its capital , Shillong , is a very nice hill station which has the Chinese district, Bara Bazaar , where you can purchase jewelry from different tribes , cottages colonial style , the summer residence of the Governor of Assam , the Ward lake and the Botanical Garden as top attractions.

Cherrapunji is considered the wettest place in the world with 1,150 mm . rainfall per year.


Mawphluang is known for its monoliths .

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a mostly mountainous state in which predominate the Mongol tribes and Tibet - birmanias . Highlight Tawang , the largest Buddhist monastery in India and Lake Brahmakund .



Nagaland is a state where the remote tribes speak 20 different dialects . So here came the Japanese troops during World War II whose victims were buried in the cemetery at Kohima .



Manipur also inhabited by different tribes , is mostly famous for dances manipuris and excellent fabrics . Its capital , Imphal , has the temple of Shri Govindaji golden military cemeteries , a Museum of crafts , a market that exclusively addresses women , the palace of Raja Bazar and Kwairamb as maximum attractive .



Mizoram is closed between Burma and Bangladesh. Inhabit the mostly Mizo , hillsides of Christian worship .



Tripura is a woody state with beautiful scenery . In Agartala , the capital, rises the Nirmahal Palace surrounded by gardens and headquarters building of the Assembly of the State .



Orissa is a very spiritual state . Both culture and religion has a great importance .



Bhubaneshwar , the state capital , is known as the City of Temples . In ancient times these buildings came to be more than 7,000 to stay in a 500 today. The most important is the Lingaraja , denied access to non- Hindus , with a perimeter of 150 m . and a square tower, 40 m . tall , adorned with reliefs and sculptures . Siddharanaya known as the copse of Perfected Beings is composed of a group of about 20 smaller temples among which highlights the Mukteswar which boasts excellent carvings .

Raj Rani is one of the newest temples of the city with excellent carvings and open to everyone . The Temple Brahmeswar also has excellent sculptures , some with a great sense of humor. Results Vaital curious why your roof wagon . Besides the temples highlight three museums , the Museum of the State of Orissa , with Buddhist and Jain sculptures , Museum of Handicrafts of folk and tribal Investigations .


Outskirts of Bhubaneshwar

Around Bhubaneshwar highlight the caves where they lived the ascetic Jains located in the hills Udayagiri and Khandagiri , the Peace Pagoda , situated on the hill of Dhauligiri , built by Japanese Buddhists ; Pipli famous for its embroidery, where Puri is the Jagannath Temple , one of the most revered holy places of the country , surrounded by buildings home to more than 5,000 priests that reaches its maximum splendor during the celebration of Rath Yatra procession with images of gods carried in carts of 13 m . high up Gundicha Mandir , the summer house , and Konarak , solar cult center , where rises the Sun Temple known as the Black Pagoda . This temple celebrates the cure of leprosy son of Krishna and the sun is a solar car with 24 wheels carved into the rock and stone six horses at the base . Has 30 m . high and inside you can admire beautiful sculptures , ornaments and mithunas , objects with magical powers .

Are also interesting Chilka Lake , in fact , an inland sea in resting migratory birds that feed on the abundant fish that live there , Gopalpur -on -Sea the best east coast beach , Park Nandanakanam which has four white tigers , one-horned rhinos , pythons white forehead and 22 African lions ; Chuttack with the ruins of a fortress and Kadam Rasal with three funeral homes, temples of Paradeep and Basalore and Chandipur -on-sea , seaside resort with a small beach .


Bengala occidental and Calcuta


West Bengal came to divide the state . East Bengal became part of Pakistan , while the western part remained Indian . The state is long and narrow and extends from the Bay of Bengal to the Himalayas. Its capital is Calcutta but has other places of interest .




Calcutta, the largest city in India , and is a fascinating place full of life . Can be seen at all in their complicated streets and its inhabitants are very kind and friendly .


Himachal Pradesh

This state was born after dividing Punjab into Punjab and Haryana in 1966 . Very hilly Himachal Pradesh is very beautiful as it is full of valleys , streams , lakes and snowy peaks . It is ideal for trekking , climbing or any other variety related to the mountain .



Simla became during the British rule in the summer season favorite for them and their influence is palpable in this city located at 2,100 m . high. You can walk around the surroundings amidst groves of firs , pines and haya ; seven kilometers can contemplate the Chadwick Falls with a height of 67 m . In the city highlight the Residence of the Vice King and State Museum . Also of interest near Simla Narkanda , Bagi , Khandrala , Rampur and Kinnaur among others .



Mandi is the city that serves as the entrance to the Kulu Valley . If you visit her during the Festival Sivarati may include a procession of images of different gods very lively ending the Temple Madhan Raj . Nearby is Lake Rewalsar , pilgrimage center for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists .


Kulu Valley

The Kulu Valley is full of orchards . The Related men in this zone lead a curious hat with a lapel in the rear where they take flowers and women adorn themselves with jewelry and many long strips of wool stuck in the hair. The main places of interest in this valley are Kulu whereas visit in October when we celebrate the Dussehra Festival where 200 images of gods moving into this city from other points in a colorful procession and evening dance competitions takes place , the Bijli Mahadeva temple with a stick 20 feet tall , which is reputed to attract the blessings in the form of lightning, it is believed that at least once a year lightning destroys the image of Shiva after the pujari of the temple of concerted the Watershed Manikaram hot water , with a medieval-style castle hotel, Watershed Bashishta sulfur , the Bhrigu Lake and Manali , the main tourist center of the zone miraculously. Manali is surrounded by Indian chestnut and has a colony of hippies , is to be careful with the use of marijuana , as police blites are frequent . How monument highlights the Hadimba Temple built in 1553 .



Rohtang is the passage between the Kulu Valley and Lahaul and Spiti valleys, and remains open only from May to October when you can Kunzam exceed 4,500 meters. altitude and allows access to the Spiti Valley. In the midst of very beautiful landscapes arise fortresses and monasteries adding a special charm .


Chamba Valley

The Chamba Valley , between 600 and 6,300 m . tall , offers a unique natural landscape. Chamba deserves a visit to the Buri Singh Museum with a superb display of painting and Kangra schools of Basholi and enjoy in August with fair Minjar .


Kangra Valley

The Kangra Valley is attractive as upper Dharamsala town whose high there is a lower town , where he currently inhabits the Dalai Lama with his followers . You can combine an audience with him , requesting a month in advance , by contacting his private office ; Bhagsunath the Cascades , the Dal Lake and Kaleri sacred , the town of Kangra with Bajreshwari Devi temple and a fortress surrounded , Palampur of tea plantations , Bajinath with a shrine dedicated to Shiva 804 , Jawalamukhi with a temple , which maintains an incandescent flame and Masrur with ruins of a fort and a temple with beautifully carved reliefs .


Jammu y Cachemira

This state comprises three regions , Jammu , Kashmir and Ladakh and in them there is great ethnic , religious and linguistic variety.



Jamu is the second largest settlement in the state and the homeland Dogra , currently operating small farms , Sikhs and Hindus . The city of Jammu has as maximum attractive with Temple Ranbireshwara containing large slings glass , the Raghunath Temple whose interior is covered in gold leaf , the Dogra Art Gallery in exposing yourself a beautiful collection of miniature paintings , Fort Bahy and Amar Mahal Palace built following the standards of French architecture . Around Jamu can visit Basohli , birthplace of Pahari miniature painting style , the Lagos Sulinsar and Mansar , the Vaishno Devi Temple dedicated to the three mother goddesses of Hinduism which is visited every year by thousands of pilgrims , Riasi with an engraving which preserves ancient frescoes and Rammagar the palace of colors with murals Pahari style .



The Vale of Kashmir offers a worthy spectacle to behold the beauty . The houseboats of Dal Lake is a marvel ; were built by the British before the ban of the ruler of Kashmir that might be landowners . You can go to the edge of the shikara , floating taxis .

Srinagar the capital of Kashmir , is situated on Dal Lake and River Jhelum . It's a really strange town whose inhabitants are different to the rest of India . To soak up this environment must go through the different channels observing both houseboats and boats enabled the Mongols as addresses and gardens that extends across the Bolevard Road and are constructed symmetrically with a central water and sew sources , divided into terraces with different vegetation. Are also of interest in Srinagar mosque of Hazrat Bal , which saves a hair of the prophet , the Nagin Lake regarded as the most beautiful lakes , the Hari Parbat Fort whose interior can not be visited and the Temple dedicated to Shankaracharya Shiva .


Kashmir Valley

Inside the Valley is due to visit the Jama Masjid built in 1402 with beautiful cedar columns , Mosque of Shah Hamadan , fully wooden walls with papier maché , Bund with British colonial buildings , Pahalgam hill station since it breaks to visit the Glacial Kolahoi , Gulmarg , in the spring season filled with flowers and provides appropriate facilities for golf , skiing and fishing and Sonamarg the smallest of three seasons, serving as a starting point to visit the Gangabal Lake .



The landscape changes abruptly when entering the green valleys of Ladakh to an arid , rocky , which is called the land of the moon. The Himalayan is a powerful barrier that prevents the passage of clouds , so only the immediate areas to rivers lying vegetation. Drass in a small town of adobe houses inhabit Dard , Caucasian ethnicity with specific language other than spoken in India .

Kargil is today a city tour , its residents are orthodox Muslims and from here you can ascend to the peaks of Nun 7,100 m . and Kun , 7,070 m . or performing routes to the deserts of stone. From here the Muslim provinces lag behind and begin the Buddhists Mulbekh has two gompas and Chamba sculpture, picture of a future Buddha , carved into the rock . Ascending the road attains the highest port area , the Fatu La 4,094 m . altitude , which is the Lamayuru Monastery , typical Ladakhis gompa hanging high on a hill with a village at the foot . In antiquity consisted of five buildings in which lived 400 monks , but nowadays only saves one where about 30 monks live . Dali to Leh , the tourist center of great charm . Highlight this village Palace which is a reproduction of a smaller size of the Potala in Lhasa Tibet , the Gompa interesting guard manuscripts and paintings and Ecological Development Center where they study natural and cultural resources adapted to the region . Results very pleasant stroll the streets and admire the merchants of vegetables with their cofias turquoise and coral necklaces .

They are very popular in this region also three monasteries , the Shey gompa , the oldest , with its 12 m Buddha . , The gompa Tikse where you can follow the religious ceremonies at six- thirty in the morning and at noon , can be visiting the library with a large collection of books and Tibeteanos Hemis Gompa , the richest of the three and the least welcoming, is especially attractive during the festival that is celebrated in the second week of June or in early July with masques .


Madhya Pradesh

This state lies in the heart of India and is the most extensive state of the country with 450,000 square kilometers . The village is mostly Indo- Aryan Hindu religion although you can still find Bhil and Gond villages .



In the next release we'll know a bit more about India with the second part of this exotic country with a peculiar culture.