Let us write a letter to Santa.

Hello, I have a suggestion..let us write a letter to Santa Clause, and write what we want from him for coming year... maybe it will come true. ok?

Here it is my letter..

Dear Santa please give peace to all people in the world. And I want that people become kind and honest.

Now something for me...please give me much money that I could travel....jaja

also I want a good job in any international agency and a bicycle.

Hello, but will Santa read our letters?

anyway...FIRST i WANT a big house in Rio

one beautiful girlfriend, and also peace to everybody.

I will add ...poor Santa...jaja

I want that there were a  Snow in the night of 31

I want to ask serious things From Santa..

at first I want that this year bring to everybody happyness, peace, and that there werent violence anymore.

I want that people love each other more..and there were real love, and I want that everybody were healty.

And a bicycle for Hasmik,,jaja

There are many things that I want.

And I think that it will be hard for Santa to do that...but I will ask

Santa please give me what I want so much...