Why people sometimes can not face life difficulties and try to do Suicide?

HELLO people, Today I want to speak about one thing wich calls  Suicide.

what you think why people do that and why now  there are an increasing number of suicides?

I think it is a very serious problem...when people decide to do this it means that they dont see anything good in their life and life for them is  senseless. 

It says that those people do suicide who are weak and coward, but I dont agree because how can a  coward man do a thing which needs a big courage... so I think suicide can do those people who are courage but dont want to live at all. And when people really wants to do that nobody can stop. ONly he must underestand that what he is doing is not right.

I think people who do this are Mental patients, because normal person cant do that  and even because of love you must not do that...because if you lose one love you will find another only you need some time

and because of money also you musn't do suicide because today you have problams tommorow you will not have only you need patience.

At last you need brain and belief.

You are so right friend... I will add

I  think people who do suicide are selfish...because they dont think what will happen with their  relatives and family, and when they do that they only want to show something to someone.



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Just last night I was having a conversation with my sister about this (one of many) because of someone we know who commited suicide and the family is angry because they say he was selfish. Yes I agree that he should have thought of how his family was going to suffer after he did this. Yes he should have thought about how he was going to miss out on so many things going on in the family. But he was depressed and his family were not helping him like he needed to be helped and at that moment of deep depression he didnt have the capacity to think of anything else but to end that misery and hopelessness he was feeling at that moment. So yes, in a way they are being selfish but we dont know what is going on in their minds at the moment when they actually decide it's time to end it all.

Yes you are also right... you know I was watching one tv program about suicides..and scientests were  trying to explain what is going with people who tryes to do that...there was shown two brains.. one was a brain of normal people another was a brain a people who was trying to do suicide and there was shown that his brain had blue color and this couldnt let him to do right thing, so it means that in that moment people brain isnot working so they do that.