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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Countable and uncountableGrammarHow much/how many?
Adventure sportsFree timehiking, snowboarding, canoeing
At the bankDaily lifethe lodgement, the withdrawal, the loan.
My houseHome and environmentthe house, the flat, the building
Past continuousGrammarI was going, you were walking…
Beach holidaysTravelthe sea, the swimming trunks, the hammock
Indefinite articles and "it"GrammarA / an and it
EasterDaily lifeThe Easter Egg, Lent, the candy
Geography 2Home and environmentthe map, the globe, the hemisphere
My familyAbout me the father, the mother, the son
At the hotelTravelthe reception, the bellboy, the minibar
Prepositions of placeGrammarUnder, with, behind
Reflexive pronounsGrammarI wash myself, they cut themselves
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
Buying clothesShoppingthe trousers, the shirt, the shoes