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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Planning a tripTravelholidays, travelling by train, going to the beach
Going by carTravelthe breathalyser test, to fill the tank, to overtake.
Marine LifeHome and environmentthe seal, the whale,the algae
At the pharmacyHealththe painkiller, the pharmacist, to swallow
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
Watching TVFree timejunk television, the schedule, the series
There is/are GrammarThere is some…
On the telephoneDaily lifeto ring, to dial, call waiting
In the cityDaily lifethe city, the neighbourhood, the train station
Negative feelingsAbout me terrified, exhausted, lonely
Valentine´s DayDaily lifethe rose, love, the heart
SkiingFree timethe ski, the ski resort, the slopes
To haveGrammarI have, you have, he has..
FashionShoppingthe fashion show, the fabric, the print
Express yourselfRelationshipsto admit, to disagree, to regret