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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Football for expertsFree timethe signing, the forward, the victory
What I don't want to be likeAbout me arrogant, impatient, pessimistic
Past simple "to be"GrammarI was, you were…
Past continuousGrammarI was going, you were walking…
The verb to beGrammarI am, you are, he/she is, we/you/they are
Buying clothesShoppingthe trousers, the shirt, the shoes
Marine LifeHome and environmentthe seal, the whale,the algae
The UniverseHome and environmentSpace, the universe, the Earth
Going by carTravelthe breathalyser test, to fill the tank, to overtake.
Underwear and accessoriesShoppingthe thong, the nightdress, the tie
A bit about politicsRelationshipsrepublic, ministry, parliament
SkiingFree timethe ski, the ski resort, the slopes
Going to the cinemaFree timethe ticket office, the popcorn, the premiere
Active and passive(future)GrammarThey will do the homework. The homework will be done.
At the travel agencyTravelthe brochure, the organised trip, the rural tourism