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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
What time is it?Daily lifeon the dot, half past, a quarter to
What's the weather like?Home and environmentthe spring, to rain, the wind
Environmental problemsHome and environmentthe earthquake, the flood, the tornado
Past simpleGrammarI walked, you lived...
RelationshipsRelationshipsthe friend, the boss, the neighbour
Conditionals 3GrammarIf I had gone..I would have eaten…
From Madrid to BeijingTravelLondon, Mumbai, Sydney
Relative pronounsGrammarthat, which, who, where
Conditionals 2GrammarIf you were…you would work…
My familyAbout me the father, the mother, the son
Reflexive pronounsGrammarI wash myself, they cut themselves
SeafoodFood and drinkthe anchovy, the cod, the crab
Countable and uncountableGrammarHow much/how many?
Law and JusticeRelationshipsthe judge, the court, the trial
Conditionals 1GrammarIf he goes…He will buy