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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Buying clothesShoppingthe trousers, the shirt, the shoes
Valentine´s DayDaily lifethe rose, love, the heart
Live musicFree timethe concert, the gig, the music venue
Wild animalsHome and environmentthe bear, the giraffe, the ostrich
The shopping listShoppingthe water, the rice, the chicken
ColoursShoppingblack, pink, navy blue
Demonstrative adjectivesGrammarThis, that, these and those
Adverbs of frequencyGrammarAlways, sometimes, never…
What day is today?Daily lifethe week, Sunday, December
Geography 2Home and environmentthe map, the globe, the hemisphere
Musical instrumentsFree timepiano, trumpet, clarinet
Flirting tipsRelationshipsAre you alone? Your face looks familiar, do you mind if I sit down?
Indefinite articles and "it"GrammarA / an and it
In the kitchenHome and environmentthe refrigerator, the oven, the frying pan
At the hotelTravelthe reception, the bellboy, the minibar