General Questions

  • What is busuu? is an online community for learning languages! Instead of studying alone at home with your uninspiring grammar book, you can learn directly from native speakers around the world. In addition to learning directly from other members, you can use our highly interactive learning material completely free of charge. Additionally, by paying a minimal monthly fee, you can become a Premium Member and have access to even more functionalities and learning material.
  • Do I have to pay to use can be used by all users for free! However, you have the option to pay a minimal monthly fee to become a Premium Member. With that Premium account you gain access to additional functionalities and more material which make your language learning easier and more efficient. Find out more about the Premium Membership
  • What languages can I learn with busuu?
    Our learning material is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese but we are working hard to include many more languages in the near future! By being part of this diverse online learning community, however, you have access to native speakers of different languages from all over the world.
  • How can I improve my language skills with busuu?
    There are two ways to improve your language skills with

    1. Learn directly from a native speaker: you can connect with native speakers in the community by using our video-chat application to practise your language skills.
    2. Learn with the learning content: we have prepared over 150 learning units covering diverse topic areas and grammar units covering the most important grammar points. The content is image and sound-based; you can listen to key vocabulary, example phrases and dialogues narrated by professional voice artists speaking in their own language.
  • How can I join busuu?
    We’re glad that you’ve decided to become a language learning pro! Get started right away and register for free on by going to our: registration page

    Just click on “Join now for free” and follow the steps.

Questions about how to use

  • What is 'my Language Garden'?
    The Language Garden is a snapshot of your language skills. It shows the languages you are learning and those which you teach. The size of each tree indicates your learning progress in that language. By clicking on a language tree you can access the learning material for that language.
    Whenever you make a mistake during the review session, the vocabulary will be automatically added to the “Mistakes” tab in My Vocabulary and bugs will appear in your garden.
  • What can I do in my Language Garden?

    1. Let your trees grow!

    The more learning units you finish and the more active you are within the community, the bigger your language tree will be.

    2. Get gifts for your Language Garden!

    Of course you will be rewarded for your efforts! When you finish learning units and complete tests within your courses, you will receive a funny animated gift for your Language Garden.

    3. Fight the bugs!

    Whenever you make mistakes within the review section of a unit or a test within a course, nasty bugs will attack your trees. If you don't study your vocabulary properly, your trees will be slowly eaten up…

    4. Make friends and teach other users!

    For every 10 writing exercises you correct, you will receive one apple as a gift for your Language Garden. Additionally, you can teach your native language to other users by clicking on the language signs in the “I speak” area. There you will see a list of people who are learning the language you are able to teach. Add them as your friends and start practising your new languages with them via busuutalk.

  • What is a Learning Unit?
    A learning unit contains the most important vocabulary and phrases of a certain topic (e.g. “in the hotel”, “the job interview”). At, we currently offer more than 150 learning units in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and English.
  • What can I do within my learning units?
    Within each unit, you can practise your language skills in the following areas:

    Vocabulary: First, you will find the important phrases and vocabulary that you need to know. If you are a Premium Member , you can also listen to the key phrases.

    Dialogue: Then you can do a reading comprehension in the form of a dialogue and answer questions to check your understanding. If you are a Premium Member , you can also listen to the audio of the dialogue. Use the navigation buttons above the dialogue to pause the audio or repeat single sentences as often as you like.

    Writing exercise: You then write a short text and let other users correct you.

    busuutalk: You can practise your language skills by connecting with native speakers of our community. We offer an integrated video-chat application which allows you to instant message or even speak with other users. If you access the busuutalk from a learning unit you will find a question related to the unit, which you can discuss with your busuutalk partner.

    Voice recording: You can practise your pronunciation, by recording a character’s part in a dialogue, and posting it for native speakers to correct you. Voice recording is only available for Premium Members . This is an optional task; you will be able to complete the unit even if you don’t do the voice recording exercise.

    Review: Finally, do a short review to check what you have learned.

    PDF: You can print out a PDF-transcript of all the grammar and learning units to study even while you are not online. This function is only available if you are a Premium Member

    Podcast: You can listen to podcasts (audio files) of all the vocabulary, example sentences and dialogues of all the grammar and learning units. You can also download the podcast and listen to it wherever you are. This function is only available if you are a Premium Member

  • What is a grammar unit?
    A grammar unit contains examples of the grammar usage of the most important grammar points in each language. The grammar units are supported by images, example phrases and dialogues narrated by professional voice artists speaking in their own language. They also contain PDFs and Podcasts. Grammar units are only available for Premium Members . The grammar units form part of the regular course and can be recognised by the golden Premium crown .
  • What is the Catalogue?
    The Catalogue is a list of all the learning and grammar units available on, arranged by levels and categories. The Catalogue can be accessed by clicking on the 'Resources' tab in the Menu bar and then clicking on 'Unit catalogue'.
  • How can I get a certificate?
    The certificate confirms that you have successfully passed our courses. This means that you have finished all the learning units and have successfully passed all the exams within a specific course. You can receive certificates for the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

    When you have successfully completed all the units and tests in any given course level (A1, A2, B1, B2), all the symbols in your course overview will appear green, including the certificate symbol (the graduation hat). You can then click on this symbol to generate your certificate. A window will open, where you can enter the name that you want to appear on the certificate, and then a PDF will be created, which you can save to your computer.

    In order to receive a certificate you need to be a Premium Member since all grammar units must be passed, and this is a Premium function.
  • What are busuu-berries?
    Busuu-berries reward your language learning efforts and your participation in helping other members from our language learning community. So whenever you do a learning activity (e.g. finishing a unit) or teach others (e.g. by correcting their writing posts) you will receive busuu-berries. When you register for the first time on, you are granted 10 busuu-berries as a welcome gift!
  • How can I earn busuu-berries?
    You receive busuu-berries for the following learning activities:
    • 5 for finishing one part of a learning unit (i.e. vocabulary, dialogue, writing-exercise, busuutalk, review)
    • 5 extra for an excellent writing exercise (rated by at least 3 people as .)
    • 10 for a Live Unit exercise
    • 10 for correcting a Live Unit exercise
    • 20 for finishing an entire learning unit
    • 50 for completing a course test
    • 100 for the final course test
    • 500 for reaching your learning goal
    • 1000 for finishing one complete course (i.e. A1, A2, B1 or B2)

    You will also receive busuu-berries for the following activities:
    • 1 for inviting one of your friends to via
    • 5 for correcting a writing exercise by another user
    • 5 extra for having done a very helpful correction (voted by at least 3 people as button)
    • 5 for helping others practise their language skills on busuutalk.
    • 100 for creating a group
    • 500 for being the leader of 1 active group
    • 1000 for being the leader of 3 active groups
  • What can I do with my busuu-berries?
    Your busuu-berries show your activity and learning progress on, and can be seen by other members of the community. The more berries you have, the more active you are within our community. You can also use busuu-berries to motivate your friends! You can send 1 busuu-berry a day. Click the 'send busuu-berry' button . 1 of your busuu-berries will be transferred to your friend and he/she will receive a motivational email. So don't keep all those delicious berries to yourself, share them with your friends as well!
    What's more, with your busuu-berries you can buy animated gifts from The busuu Shop and help bring your garden to life! If you are a Free Member you can use your busuu-berries to buy discount vouchers from The busuu Shop. These can be used when you upgrade to Premium or when you buy another product.
  • What is the berry-ranking?
    The berry-ranking shows your number of busuu-berries compared to those of your friends. To see the berry-ranking, click on the Friends tab on the Menu bar and then click 'Friends berry-ranking'. With this, you can compete with your friends and see who the most active student is.
  • What is "My Vocabulary"?
    When you are in the Vocabulary section of a unit, you will notice a small star next to each vocabulary word or phrase. By clicking on the yellow star you can save the vocabulary which is most important to you. This way you are able to create your own individual vocabulary pool.

    If you are a Premium Member , you can access your saved vocabulary by clicking on the 'Resources' tab on the Menu bar and then clicking on 'My Vocabulary'.
  • What are "My Mistakes"?
    Whenever you make a mistake during the review session, the vocabulary will be automatically added to the “Mistakes” tab in My Vocabulary and bugs will appear in your garden.

    If you are a Premium Member , you can get an overview of your mistakes and you have the option to study only the words you have got wrong. As soon as you get them right while reviewing them, they will automatically disappear from the mistakes list and the bugs will disappear from your garden.
  • How to practise my pronunciation?
    To practise your pronunciation, you can record a short dialogue within the learning unit. It is like a role play and you will take the part of one of the two characters. You can then send the voice recording to native speakers for comments which will help you improve your pronunciation skills. You can only do the pronunciation exercise if you have a microphone. You can either use the microphone that is built in your computer or an external one. First of all, you will need to enable your microphone. If it is disabled, the window below will appear.
    It is important that you make sure that the allow button is clicked on the right hand side and the remember box ticked. You are now ready to record! Once your microphone is enabled, you will choose your character by clicking on one of the two characters you would like to be. A green frame will indicate your choice of character. If you don’t choose one, the system will automatically choose the second one for you.
    The image below shows the first screen you see when entering the voice recording exercise. You can now listen to your character’s part as well as the other character’s part by clicking on the button next to the text box.
    Your character’s part will be indicated in green, as shown below.
    To record it, click on the red record button and wait until the 30 second countdown appears. Record the sentence by speaking clearly, slowly and matching the volume of the voice artist. You can listen to what you recorded by clicking on the play button and you can record as many times as you want. Before submitting it at the end, you will be able to hear the full dialogue. If you are not satisfied with the recording, you can record it again by clicking on . Once you are happy with the results, you can then submit the voice recording for corrections to the community or to friends that you select by notifying them. You will also get 5 juicy busuu-berries for completing this pronunciation exercise.
  • How to post a voice comment on a voice recording exercise?
    All voice recordings done by the community will be in the section Review posts of others, followed by this icon . Once you enter the correction section, you will have the possibility to correct voice recording exercises done by others in three different ways. First, and as within a normal writing exercise, you have the possibility to rate the pronunciation exercise by giving them up to five stars. Second, you can enter a written comment in the comment box in order to describe any mistake in the pronunciation or make any other comment which helps the user improve his/her pronunciation. Third, you can add an additional voice comment by using the feature below. Thereby you can record the text yourself pointing out the correct pronunciation to the other user.

    While correcting others’ voice posts, be sure to evaluate the clarity of the language, and the pronunciation. Like in the normal writing exercise, you will also be rewarded with 5 busuu-berries for correcting the pronunciation exercise of another user.
  • How can I chat with other users?
    Make sure your busuutalk status is set to 'Available'. You can change this by clicking 'busuutalk' in the Menu bar. You have 4 options to choose from:
    • Available
    • Friends only
    • Away
    • Busy

    You can start a busuutalk from:
    1. Inside the unit by clicking on the 'busuutalk' icon and choosing the person want to chat with
    2. The home page by hovering over the profile of another user and clicking on the 'busuutalk' icon
    As soon as you start a busuutalk the other user will get a notification that you would like to chat with him/her. Once the other user accepts your invitation, you will be able to start the voice/video-chat, as well as text chat with emoticons and special characters.

    With the busuutalk you can advantage of loads of new features and functionalities such as:
    • Additional unit vocab and useful phrases
    • The busuu dictionary
    • Special character keyboards
    • Improved sound and video quality
    • Savable conversations
    Read our Can I speak or even video-chat with another user?
    YES! Once the "busuutalk" window is open, just click on the button "show a/v" (below the "send" button) and then start talking! In addition to a microphone you may also use a standard webcam to see and interact with your learning partner.
  • What are busuu Challenges?
    With the busuu Challenges, your learning experience will be even more fun and interactive! You and your friends can motivate each other to learn faster.
    Challenge a friend and see if you can both complete 3 new units in 24 hours. If you win the challenge you get an extra 50 busuu-berries, but if you fail you will lose 50!
    Go to Challenge area

    Click on a blue button to challenge a friend!

  • How do I add friends?
    Go to your Home page and click on 'search', at the top right of the page. Here you can do a search according to different criteria such as the languages the other user speaks, the languages they are learning, the country they are living in, etc. Once you have done the search, you can invite the user you want by clicking on the icon "add a friend" . Then the user will receive a friend request and as soon as he/she accepts it, you will have a new friend on!
  • Why should I add friends on busuu?
    You should add friends to your profile to let them correct your posts, chat with them and practise the language you are learning, and finally teach them your own language.
  • How can I be sure that my exercises will be corrected?
    "Once you have written a text in the writing exercise, click on “Submit and notify friends”. Then you can choose up to five busuu friends to send your writing exercise to. They will receive a notification to correct your posts in their busuu inbox.

  • How can I make my correction helpful?
    To make your correction helpful, you can do one or more of the following:
    • Highlight the mistake by using these buttons
    • Add a suggestion for an alternative choice of words
    • Add an explanation of why something is wrong
    • Add a tip to help the author of the post
    • Add an encouraging comment to keep them motivated!
  • How does the comment rating function work?
    With this function you can rate the quality of comments from other users of the community. You can find the function below a writing post, to the right of their comment.

    Click on the button if you like it, or the button if you do not. This gives the other user who is learning the language an indication about the quality of the corrections he/she receives. If at least 5 people give them a , the corrector will receive 5 extra busuu-berries .

    And if a corrector receives at least 50 , he or she will receive a helpful corrector badge. Check out the badges you can win!

  • What are groups?
    Groups are a special area within to share opinions about different topics with other members of the community. In each group you can learn a specific language which is defined by the group leader and which you can find in the description of the group.

    Each group contains several topics on which you can post comments. To post a comment, go into the topic and write a comment directly in the writing box or click on “answer” to comment on another post. You can also invite your friends to join a group, by clicking on “Invite Friends”. The activity rate of a group is defined by the number of dots you can see under the profile picture: Low activity Medium activity High activity
  • How can I join a group?
    You can search for different groups by using the menu “Groups” –>”Search Groups”. Once you have found the group of your choice, visit its profile and click on “Join this group”. As soon as you are a member, you can participate in the discussions
  • How can I create a group?
    To create a group you need to have at least 3 stars
  • What are my responsibilities as a leader of a group?
    As a group leader you have to moderate your group. This means that you have to create new discussion topics and answer questions within the discussions. By doing so, you keep your group active and stimulate discussion. You can also invite new members to the group if you believe that they might be interested in the topic. If you create a group, you will be rewarded with the blue group leader badge and 100 busuu-berries . For managing an active group, you’ll receive the red group leader badge and 500 busuu-berries and if you are the group leader of three active groups or more, you’ll get the black leader badge and will earn 1000 busuu-berries .
  • What is my status?
    Your “busuu status” is based on the number of busuu-berries you have collected.
    If you have … You get …
    More than 1 000 000 busuu-berries
    From 500 000 to 999 999 busuu-berries
    From 200 000 to 499 999 busuu-berries
    From 100 000 to 199 999 busuu-berries:
    From 50 000 to 99 999 busuu-berries:
    From 20 000 to 49 999 busuu-berries:
    From 10 000 to 19 999 busuu-berries:
    From 5 000 to 9 999 busuu-berries:
    From 1 000 to 4 999 busuu-berries:
    From 500 to 999 busuu-berries:
    From 50 to 499 busuu-berries:
  • What is London Central?
    'London Central' is a method of learning English in a fun, easy and fast way! London Central is a 10-episode video series about a young Brazilian who decides to go to London to learn English, get a job and find love. Each episode is full of familiar expressions and basic phrases encountered in everyday situations. With its fun integrated exercises, the video course will help you to improve:
    1. Your listening comprehension
    2. Your grammar and vocabulary knowledge
    3. Your writing skills

    When you complete the London Central video course you will earn a badge and also get access to a special video of exclusive footage!
    Are you a Premium Member?
    Premium Members have access to the London Central episodes and exercises for free with their Premium membership!
    Are you a Basic Member?
    You can also get all 10 episodes of London Central for only 19.99 euro.
    Where can I find the London Central video course?
    Go to your home page and then click the Special Courses tab and follow this story with us!
  • What are the busuu-badges?
    busuu-badges reward specific activities you have done within our community:
    • You have commented on more than 100 posts
    • You have commented on more than 500 posts
    • You have commented on more than 1000 posts
    • You have commented on more than 3000 posts
    • You have more than 50 friends on
    • You created a group on
    • You are the leader of one active group on
    • You are the leader of three active groups on
    • You are a busuu-translator
    • You had a brilliant idea to improve
    • You have successfully finished an A1 course
    • You have successfully finished an A2 course
    • You have successfully finished a B1 course
    • You have successfully finished a B2 course
    • You have completed the Travel Course
    • You have completed the Business Course
    • You have completed the Arabic Alphabet Tutorial
    • You have taken a Level Test
    • You have reached a learning objective with My Goal
    • You are a super corrector and have earned more than 1000 thumbs up
    • You are a very helpful corrector and have earned between 500 and 999 thumbs up
    • You are a helpful corrector and have earned between 50 and 499 thumbs up
    • You have received a thumbs down and your corrections need to improve
    • Awarded for taking part in 1 busuu Challenge!
    • Awarded for taking part in 5 busuu Challenges!
    • Awarded for taking part in 10 busuu Challenges!
    • Awarded for starting the London Central Video course!
    • Awarded for successfully completing the London Central Video course!

Questions about the Premium membership

  • Why should I become a Premium Member?
    As a Premium Member you get access to additional functionalities and new material. The Premium functions are designed in such a way as to make your language learning with busuu even easier and more efficient. Go to the subscription page to see a detailed description of the Premium functions.
  • What different types of subscriptions do you offer?
    We currently offer 1 month, 6 month, 12 month and 24 month subscription plans. You can choose the one which best fits your needs and your pocket. You can view the options on our subscription page.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer the Premium Membership at a very competitive price. Here you can find the current prices of the different Subscriptions we offer.
  • How can I pay?
    You can currently pay via Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively, you can pay with PayPal or via bank transfer. We are continuously working to extend our range of payment options. If you wish to use a payment method which we do not currently offer, please send us an email at info[@]
  • How do I renew my subscription?
    For your convenience, we will renew your subscription automatically. If, for example, you have a monthly subscription, we will renew your subscription every month. If you have a 6 month subscription, we will renew your 6 month subscription every 6 months, and so on. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your subscription page, within settings.
  • Where can I see my Premium Membership information?
    You can find all the relevant information (price of subscription, length of subscription plan, etc.) on your Subscription page
  • If I have paid, why is my account not yet Premium?
    If you have paid with credit card or Paypal, it might take some hours for your account to be upgraded. If you have paid by bank transfer, it might take up to 5 working days until we have received your money. In addition, your transfer will only work if you have used the correct reference number when making the transfer. This is the reference number which is displayed at the end of the payment process, which you go through when making a payment on If the reference number you used was wrong, your money will be automatically refunded (taking approximately 10 days) and you will need to start the payment process again by going to the Subscription page .
  • How can I cancel my Premium Membership?
    You can cancel your Premium Membership at any time on your Subscription page

Live Lessons

  • Technical issues

    • What do I need to install for the Live Lessons?
      In order to enjoy a full learning experience with Live Lessons, please ensure you meet the following requirements:
      • A stable internet connection
      • A computer which supports Adobe Flash
      • Flash Player 11.1 or above
      • Sound capability (dedicated sound card or integrated sound)
      • Speakers or headphones
      • A camera/webcam

      For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions page.

      You can also choose not to activate your camera during your lesson.

  • What are Live Lessons

    • What are Live Lessons?
      Live Lessons are online private language lessons using advanced interactive technology. Your private language trainer will help make sure that the lessons are tailored to meet your needs. You can:
      • Learn at your own convenient time
      • Tailor your lessons to meet your needs
      • Follow just these 3 simple steps: buy lessons, schedule the time and choose your trainer
      Go to My Lessons page and boost your English skills with us.
  • Find Live Lessons

    • Where is the My Lessons page?
      You can find the My Lessons page by clicking on ‘Special Course’ and then on ‘Live Lessons’. However, this is only possible if Live Lessons are available in the language you’re learning.
    • What is the My Lessons page?
      In the My Lessons page you will find your Unscheduled lessons, Scheduled lessons and Previous lessons.
      You can also change the time zone at any time and check any messages the trainer sends you before the lesson starts.
      If you click on ‘Scheduled Lessons’ you can check the date and time of your next lesson and cancel or reschedule it if you can’t attend it (but only up to 24 hours in advance).

      10 minutes before the lesson starts a blue button ‘Go to Lesson’ will appear; click on it to be connected with the trainer.

  • How Live Lessons work

    • How can I buy a lesson?
      In order to buy a Live Lesson with you have to:
      1. Go to the My Lessons page (go to ‘where do I need to click to find the Live Lessons’)
      2. Click on ‘Buy Lessons’ and choose the pack of Live Lessons that works best for you. We offer packs of 2, 5, 10 and 20 lessons.
      Once your payment is confirmed you will get a confirmation email.

      At this point you will be able to schedule lessons and set your current time zone.

    • How do I set the time zone?

      You will be asked to set your time zone the first time you enter to the My Lessons page.

      You can always change the time zone by clicking on ‘Change your time zone’

    • How can I schedule the best time for me?
      Once your purchase is confirmed, you will be able to schedule any lessons you have purchased. To schedule your lesson you have two options:
      1. Click on the button ‘Schedule a lesson now’ in the confirmation email you received after purchase.
      2. Go to the My Lessons page (go the ‘where do I need to click to find the Live Lessons’) and click on ‘Schedule a lesson now’.
      After clicking on ‘Schedule a lesson now’ you will be directed to the calendar where you can:
      1. Choose a time then a trainer
      2. Choose a trainer and then a time

      You can choose the time and day that best suit you by clicking on the calendar. Please note that the calendar times take into consideration the time zone you selected the first time you entered the My Lessons page.

      You can always change your time zone by clicking on ‘Change your time zone’

    • How can I choose the trainer?
      In order to choose your trainer, just go to the My Lessons page and click on ‘Schedule a Lesson now’; you have two options:
      1. Choose a time then a trainer
      2. Choose a trainer and then a time

      If you choose your trainer first, you will only be able to book a lesson at times when that trainer is available.

      At the end of your lesson you will be able to rate your trainer.

    • In how many languages can I have my Live Lessons?

      At the moment the Live Lessons on are only offered for English. Live Lessons can only be scheduled if you are learning the language we offer

      To schedule Live Lessons you must therefore make sure you have English as one of the languages you are currently studying on

    • Can I change the time or the trainer of my lessons?
      If you have already scheduled the lesson but for any reason you want to change the time or the trainer, you need to go to the My Lessons page and click on ‘Scheduled Lessons’. On that page you see all the lessons that you have scheduled. Go to the lesson you want to edit and click on ‘Edit my Lesson’ button.

      A pop-up will appear asking you whether you want to cancel or reschedule your lesson. Click on reschedule and wait for the system to reload the data.

      You will then be taken to the calendar and you can reschedule your lesson right away.

    • How can I cancel lessons?

      Remember that you can cancel your Live Lesson up to 24 hours in advance of the lesson start time.

      Go to the My Lessons page and click on ‘Scheduled Lessons’. On that page you see all the lessons you have scheduled. Go to the lesson you want to cancel and click on the ‘Edit my Lesson’ button. A pop-up will appear asking you whether you want to cancel or reschedule your lesson. Click on ‘cancel’ and wait for the system to reload the data. You can reschedule the lesson at a later date by going to the My Lessons page; you will see that the lesson you have canceled has been moved to ‘Unscheduled Lessons’.

      If you don’t cancel the lesson up to 24 hours in advance and you don’t attend it, the lesson will be marked in red as ‘absent’ and you will not be able to reschedule.

      You can always check the status of your lesson on the My Lessons page (go to ‘where do I need to click to find the Live Lessons’).

    • Do I get a refund?

      You can only cancel your lesson up to 24 hours in advance of the lesson start time.

      You will not get a refund but you will get the credit of the lesson back, and you can reschedule it for a future time. If you don’t cancel the lesson up to 24 hours in advance and you don’t attend, the lessons will be marked in red as ‘absent’ and you will not be able to reschedule it.

      You can always check the status of your lesson on the My Lessons page (go to ‘where do I need to click to find the Live Lessons’).

    • Are the Live Lessons included in the Premium Membership?

      The Live Lessons are a separate product and therefore are not included in the Premium Membership.

      To buy your lessons go to ‘How can I buy a lesson?’

Technical questions

  • Why didn't I receive the confirmation email after registration?
    Your confirmation email might have arrived in your junk or spam folder, especially if you are a Hotmail or MSN user. If, after checking your junk/spam folder, you still haven't received confirmation, please contact us at info[@] and we will re-send your confirmation message.
  • How can I change the languages I am learning?
    In order to change the language you are studying, click on the arrow next to your profile picture, then click on 'Settings' in the dropdown menu. Click on the section 'Languages' and under “I would like to learn” delete the language you do not want to learn anymore and add the new language. Remember to click on the red 'Submit' button at the end of the page. If you just want to add a new language you can do this from the Home page by clicking on the '+' symbol below your garden (if you have already selected more than 4 languages you won't see the '+' symbol).
    These options are only for Premium Members . If you are a Free Member you can only learn one language. Please upgrade to Premium if you would like to learn more than one language at a time.
  • How do I change the language interface of the page?
    Go to your 'Settings', which you will find in a dropdown menu when clicking on the arrow next to your profile photo on the top right of your home page. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the available interface languages.
    Remember to click the Submit red button.
  • Why does the chat application not work for me?
    You need to enable pop ups in your browser in order to be able to use our chat application.
  • Why can't I upload or change my profile picture?
    Your picture needs to be uploaded in the correct file format (either .jpg or .gif) and the file size should not exceed 1 MB. Please do not use spaces or special characters when naming your picture. If the new picture still does not appear, press “Ctrl F5” to update the page.
  • How can I introduce special characters?
    When you are writing a message, click on the key icon to the left of your text. Here you can choose the special characters you need.
  • What should I do if I forget my password?
    Click on the "Log in" button and click "Forgot your password?". Then enter your email address and click "Email new password". A message enabling you to reset your password will be sent to your account.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Go to 'Settings' at the top right of your Home and click on the last section 'Account deletion'. Please select the reasons for your deletion as feedback for our team and then click on 'Confirm'.
    Please note that if you delete your account, all your information will be completely deleted from our database. We cannot restore deleted data.